Artist Reveals Greedy AK 47 Toting Jesus

How ridiculous is this?

The Blaze reports:
Artist Michael D’Antuono is certainly no stranger to controversy. His latest painting, “The Conservative Christ,” will likely frustrate conservative Christians, particularly because of how it depicts their views on issues like guns and poverty. TheBlaze spoke with D’Antuono today about his newest work to learn more about its meaning and what motivated him to create it.
In the interview he said what every artist says after they offend pretty much everyone outside their circle of friends. He said he didn't mean to offend anyone.


It seems to me that so many people that call themselves "artists" aren't actually all that skilled at their craft. They're people who like being noticed. They crave fame. They're Kardashians without the smarts.

Update: Because this blog has so infected my mind I just woke up with this thought in my head. Couldn't that image just as well be "liberal Jesus" taking away people's guns and money?



  1. ....about the talent of the contradictory artist's work,

    .....a picture "is" worth a thousand words! why explain anything?...unless it "IS" a failed piece!

    .....critique of the, so called work, from one "artist" to another,

    ....D'Antuono's depiction looks more like a "CARTOON" depiction of "Judas Escariot"!
    ....betrayal was for thirty pieces of "silver" not "gold"! wonder the artist has to read people into it!

  2. Spot on! Just another look-at-me, me, me prince whose mother told him he was special one time too many.

  3. I wish I had looked at the picture before reading about it. I actually see it as a Jesus who has the gun and is ready to use it to help the guy clinging to him. Maybe a modern Jesus would use a gun to drive away those profaning the temple?

    I'm not sure, though, if I'd know it is meant to be Jesus, if I didn't know.

    But, maybe you are right about the liberal Jesus, taking away the guns and money. After all, he does have a rather haughty expression.


  4. "Kardashians without the smarts?" They actually have intelligence!? LOL!

  5. Remember when Catholics used to be either 'orthodox' or 'heterodox,' before we starting importing political categories from the French Rev. To define ourselves? Personally, I don't care whether a Catholic is liberal or conservative, as long as they are orthodox. I'd take an orthodox Catholic with liberal political views, on prudential matters, over a heterodox 'conservative Catholic' any day and just as readily would take an orthodox Catholic with conservative political views over a heterodox 'liberal Catholic'. Ah for the days when we still had heretics, when we put Truth in religion over politics.

  6. Oh, how the commies love that AK-47. Even Obama is infatuated with it. How many millions have been subjugated under the foot of AK toting red armies?

    Shouldn't depict Jesus, but rather Mao. Maybe I will Photoshop this guy to have a Che beret. That would make perfect sense, then.

  7. Statistics show that Conservatives personally give more to charity than Liberals. Just look at Romney's vs. Obama's or Biden's tax returns.

  8. I'll go ahead and be contrary. I think it makes a valid point, even if it makes it somewhat clumsily. This is the Jesus that some conservatives worship, a Jesus that has become fused with political stances over guns and capitalism.

    However, I think this would be much more powerful and make a much more insightful point if it were paired with a companion "liberal Jesus."


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