Fox News Contributor Loses It Over Lila Rose

This is ugly. And this is all pro-aborts can do. Attack. Attack. Attack. They don't want to discuss this video so they attack Lila Rose of Live Action.

Fox News' Tamara Holder completely loses her sanity in dealing with Lila Rose on Hannity. She starts off nasty and devolves into delusions after that. Check it out:

Check out Live Action's website Inhuman by clicking here.



  1. Such a telling segment from Hannity's show last night. It was amazing how angry Holder got from the get go and then couldn't answer a single question. She really needs to work on her camera presence.

    Lila really held it together and came across poised, knowledgeable, and professional. Ms. Holder could learn a lot from Miss Rose.

  2. "Laws by and *for* the people" – how ironic…

  3. I guess I'll watch the video. I usually watch Fox News Special Report and sometimes O'Reilly. That's it. Nearly everything else on Fox News Channel is very disagreeable to me, to put it mildly, most particularly Hannity. Oh John Stossel is okay.

  4. Interesting how her only defense of abortion is that the law allows it. As though morality is derived from law rather than the other way around. I guess she would have had no problem with slavery prior to 1863.

    1. That is the statist, relativist, positivist ideology. You have rights, duties, etc. only in so far as the state decides to confer them. There is no objective morality, truth, or natural law knowable by reason. It is state tyranny.

  5. ....offering all masses said throughout the world today, for parents that abandoned, aborted, abused and neglected their children,

    ....."change those hearts of stone!" to hearts made to love!,....

    ....."assist those in most need of thy Mercy!"....

    .....I can't do nothing alone, but with You, Divine Wisdom, I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

    .....because, YOU SAID SO!!!!!!.....;)

    ....praying while holding my 1 yr old granddaughter....;)

  6. More evidence that the proponents of the culture of death have no bona fide argument and must resort to ad hominem attacks and vitriol in an attempt to silence the opposition.

    God bless Lila Rose and her team for elevating the debate while exposing the ghastly truth and the cruelty of the proponents of human sacrifice.

  7. I bet she's had an abortion... there's no other justification of her anger in my mind

  8. Wow. That anger and emotion ran deep. Let's pray for her. The reality of abortion is so grim and far reaching. It is hard to face. Thanks be to God for warriors like Lila Rose who continue to stand and work for truth.

    And PLEASE keep posting about this stuff. The Catholic community is uncomfortably silent in general... but you keep bringing it forward where it needs to be.

  9. At 3:39 did Tamara Holder advocate the murder of a one week old child as long as the child is referred to as 'it' or did I misunderstand?

    At 4:39 did Tamara Holder actually say, 'I am in favor of a governement that makes laws by and for the people'?

    Blood curdlingly AMAZING!

  10. Thank God for Lila Rose!! She is a great leader.

  11. A shame that no one mentioned the childless couples who wait in line to adopt babies in this country. Does no one suggest to a woman who is near term, but doesn't want to rear the child, giving her or him up for adoption? Many childless couples have offered to pay for the delivery expense for a pregnant woman, in return for her releasing the infant for adoption.

  12. Lila Rose did an excellent exposé of the abortion industry. She's a very good and brave reporter.

    As for Tamara Holder, she was rude then lowered herself further by making ad hominem attacks but what else can we expect when logic, science and common sense are not on the side of pro aborts.

  13. I am not surprised by the amount of anger in regard to Tamara's reaction. When you have the devil behind something, there always seems to be a lot of anger associated with it. Look at the same sex marriage movement and how much anger that comes with that movement. It goes hand in hand.

  14. God bless Lila Rose.

    I wish that my country and all the countries in the world have a lot of Roses.

  15. T. Holder is another dispicable lib who hides behind the law and has no moral core. She is void of reason and feelings except in ad hominem attacks. The more she speaks the less self respect she shows.

  16. I admire this site and how the participants interact to reinforce the beliefs they hold so dear. Based on the reactions to this video I think it also genuinely reflects a society where people are inclined to interact solely with people who are similar to themselves. From a sociologist I have learnt that homogeneous groups tend to reward extremism and punish moderates. I suspect this is true at this site as well. But, as I already wrote, I admire the way faith is upheld here. From what I understand this sort of uniformity is not only in evidence here and elsewhere on the Internet, it is also reflected in the many politically homogeneous cities in the USA (Madison, Wisconsin) and socially uniform (gated) neighborhoods. In the long run, however, the price of this sort of self-chosen isolation may be very high. And if it's one thing America has no shortage of it's guns. I'm generally in favor of freedom of decision.

  17. Marcel,

    Its true. I have no interest in hanging out with murderers, pornographers, perverts, liers, etc. You're saying that I she be open minded and associate myself with those types of people? True Jesus wants us to evangelize but he also told us to wipe our feet of the dust after trying to evangelize. People like Tamara know the truth but instead elect to worship their idol - modern liberalism. I agree that it helps in debate to know the arguments of your opponent, but to say that I should associate with them is dangerous. Drop your children off to play with drug dealers and prostitutes and see w2hat happens.

  18. I am heartbroken when Hannity asked Ms. Holder where her heart was in this matter. She never answered........ Has she no heart? Is her life totally based on laws and legislators?

    As for freedom of decision - if those decisions are based on laws and lawyers and legislation and legislators, than may God have mercy on us all.

    Our decisions should be placed in the heart of our Creator and our hopes should rest in Him and Him alone, not government or law. God gives us life, government's only job should be to protect that life and help to sustain it. From what I see, America has been doing a very poor job holding up it's end of the bargain.

    As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord......

    May God bless this country and may He have mercy on those know not what they do.

  19. Marcel, there is no "moderate" with regards to abortion. Either you're opposed to it or you support it.

    And don't try to wiggle out of it. It boils down to agreeing with one of the following statements:
    1. A woman should be allowed to kill her unborn child.
    2. A woman should not be allowed to kill her unborn child.

    The rest is obfuscation. "Right to choose", "freedom of decision", etc., all ignore what is being chosen, what decision is being made. Believing in a "freedom of decision" means you accept premise #1...that a woman has a right to kill her unborn child if she so chooses.

  20. I think CLQ is right. But also it is very, very difficult to admit to onself that abortion is terrible and that you have done such a terrible thing or have supported and promoted such a terrible thing. So even women who didn't have abortions, but who promote abortion and misguidedly link it to women's rights have a very, very strong psychological impulse against knowing the truth. In my opinion, rage is often a defense against that difficult realization.

    Anyway, individually and as a nation we have to accept the reality of what we have allowed/promoted/done, because healing can only take place in light of the truth.

    So pray that all who support abortion receive the grace to open their minds to the truth.... and it may be that only our prayer and fasting for their conversions can get through, when reason cannot.

  21. Is it just me, or would an exorcism be helpful here? Her mannerisms are very telling...

  22. Maybe we could just call it a 'dog' or 'cat'...then Tamara could really flip. Tamara does not want to be fully informed. She depends on Gov.& its laws to justify her ignorance. Tamara is immature and very sad.

  23. St. Thomas Aquinas: unaddressed guilt will eventually erupt into anger.

    Tamara Holder = poster girl for guilt.


  24. For a woman, freedom to choose to have sex or to abort her child, all lies between her legs. That's the upper-most FREEDOM she knows. This generation of women is harsh, tough, mostly Godless and self centered. Respect for themselves is gone and inconsequential.

  25. Anon is correct. She is angry because she knows in her heart and soul that she is wrong. The terrible pride she has is preventing her from repentance. I think Tamara may be close to a break thru. But, she among so many are in need of our prayers for conversion.

  26. Is the necklace Tamara Holder wearing mini-handcuffs? How appropriate if it is.

  27. Some of the comments here display a distinct non-Christian and even sinful attitude. Only God can judge whether someone "has no moral core". We are to judge actions, not people.

    Moreover, Jesus never called another person dispicable (sic), even those who crucified Him; rather, He died for them and all men. He called sinners to repentance and offered mercy and healing. We need His mercy, especially when we offend Him by judging another person.

    As far as Ms. Holder's response to the LiveAction videos, both my daughter and I sense that Tamara has had an abortion. Rather than being "void" of feelings (how can anyone, especially a Christian make such a judgment of another person?), we sensed that she was experiencing very deep emotions and inner turmoil. She needs to know that God loves her. And if we are Christians, we must love her, too. We need to let her know that Christ is waiting for her to turn to Him, that He wants to extend His unfathomable mercy to her. We should pray for her.

    And we should realize that we offend God when we take upon ourselves that which belongs to Him: the right to judge someone else.

  28. Lila Rose should definitely be on a path to sainthood. As for Tamara, what a dumb whore. Then again, she looks exactly like the type that Patrick and the fat-boy salivate over. So, whatever I guess.

  29. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your response. There is something to what you write. If you belong to a certain group the likelihood is very high that you will not be able to resist group pressure to behave, think and believe as they do. ("Hanging out" is something I do with my laundry when I have a clothesline. Otherwise, strictly speaking, there are not all that many murderers around to "hang out" with. Most of them have been "taken in", "folded" and "put away".). However, interactions with others can be positively good for you, giving you a chance to sharpen your wits and deepen your faith. Thanks again for answering.

  30. Dear Matthew A. Siekierski,

    Thank you for answering my post. I have never tried to wiggle. I just wiggle. If I so decide. In this case, there is no need to wiggle. Your view is stated plainly enough and it is shared by many, not only by Catholics. I have a different perspective. I think that sermonizing is a waste of time. Improving the social conditions that lead to unwanted deaths of any kind is surely more useful than watching, and taking seriously, Punch and Judy newscasts. I have no TV. I go for walks, ride the bus: three dimensions are better than two. And my God-given vision is better than any tele-vision.

  31. "I bet she's had an abortion... there's no other justification of her anger in my mind"

    I'd bet money on it, yes.

  32. Holder is so fake and transparent that it is unreal. She throws Gosnell
    Under the bus as a monster, but I know that if he was found innocent she would have been praising him as a hero!!! To call Lila a "pro-lifer" and a "hypocrite" is a travesty of all things that are still good in this world. We need to pray for Ms Holders soul she is truly lost.

  33. Watch Tamara eyes. There is a coldness and hatred behind them. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, may our good Lord give her a true vision of the state of her soul. This woman needs salvation and that salvation will not come through laws and government, but Only through Jesus Christ.

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