Gosnell Avoids the Death Penalty

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the West Philadelphia abortionist who was found guilty yesterday of the first-degree murder of three babies gave up his right to appeal in exchange for avoiding a possible death sentence.

He will reportedly be sentenced on the remaining charges, including the death of the third baby, on Wednesday.

So it looks like life imprisonment for Gosnell. He chose life imprisonment over death.

It's time for me to do something I haven't been able to bring myself to do yet. Pray for Kermit Gosnell. Pray that he invites the loving light of Jesus Christ into his heart and he seeks forgiveness for what he has done.

For his punishment on Earth Kermit Gosnell has chosen life over death. Now let's pray he does the same with the hereafter.



  1. So you're betting that if this guy starts following Jesus — while he's in jail — that this sick murderer of multiple live infants will go to heaven?

    I don't know about you, but I don't want any baby killers in heaven with me and my family! Imagine the property values!

  2. akg41470-
    as Christians- we must hope for God's mercy- none of us 'deserve' heaven

  3. Are you seriously equating me — a hard-working loving husband and father of three — to someone who killed viable infants and put their bodies in cat food containers? We are equal in your god's eyes?

    1. We all need mercy, all of us without exception. Heaven is a gift not a right. We're praying that Kermit Gosnell will accept the mercy that's freely offered by saying sorry. It's as easy & as difficult as that.

  4. ...he looked so diminished and very pathetic as an old man being led away in chains and a jumpsuit.
    The summit of his life is that it ends in prison.
    ...I had forgotten for a moment, that he was a profiteer, a mass murderer, exploited, maimed and mistreated countless women, children and babies for which he will always be remembered!

  5. akg, the simple fact is we all need God's mercy.

  6. .....forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.

  7. I rather wonder if he will survive very long in general population.

    It's hard, but I always try to remember that we should be HOPING that Hitler is in Heaven when we get there.

  8. God is both just and merciful. I hope the commandant of Auschwitz will be in Heaven at the end of time. I expect he's in Purgatory because he repented publicly and his redemption would glorify God's mercy. Hitler, however, did not repent (as far as we know) and is therefore subject to God's justice. Nothing wrong in thirsting for justice, it's part of the Beatitudes.

  9. sparrow - It's the "as far as we know" that's important to me in that thought. And I don't think thirsting for justice precludes hoping for the conversion of anyone before the full force of justice unfolds for any human being.

  10. One must do reparation for all one's sins before one can enter Heaven.

  11. I also will pray. I will beg our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ that he condemn this man to the deepest darkest pit of hell. I will beg Saint Michael Lord of the Host to intercede to keep this most demonic man in external pain and damnation separate from union with our Lord. We are all sinners, and I am one of the worst, but the Church teaches us there are different types of sin. This man, had so many times to change course. Father Emmons prayed with an entire prayer circle for this demonic witch-doctor for over 15 years, yet for more than 15 years heaven had to watch the souls of the unbaptized innocents torn apart.

    This man kept the severed feet of babies on his desk, for Pete's sake.

    I will pray, I will pray hard for the external damnation of Gosnell and all murderers of the innocents like him, who right now, after complete knowledge of what just happened are tearing apart babies _as we speak!_

  12. akg: Jesus said:"There are many rooms in my Father's house" Jesus died for all. Hitler may have repented before his life came to an end from the bullet. There was time as hitler fell. Capital punishment, the death penalty, is the temporal punishment due to the sin of homicide and cannot be removed by the church or by the state. A life for a life. Gosnell, the weasel slithered out of JUSTICE.

  13. akg, are you for real?

  14. I am happy Gosnell was convicted and justice served. I prayed for it. However, if he truly repents that is a good thing just like I have repented for my many sins. I, too, find it hard to pray for my enemies such as those who support abortion and most liberals but I started doing that every day. Remember Jesus said he came for the sinners so we shouldn't be wishing Gosnell's eternal damnatiion.

  15. Akg,, you do recall the murderer Saul who became Saint Paul, don't you? Not a single one of us deserves mercy, but it is there for each of us (regardless of how evilly we have sinned), we just need to ask. Gosnell is no more and no less deserving of mercy than any of the rest of us.

  16. Lynda - I agree. I just know that I look at things through my eyes and God looks at things through His eyes and knows a lot more about what is going on in a person's heart and mind at the instant of death than I do.

  17. Divine Mercy and Divine Justice
    Please, a must read for questions answered!
    God will not "force" a "free will" to love Him!

    A human that goes to hell is one that really "wants" to "be there"! A total and complete rejection of God's love.

    ...and not "trusting" in God's forgiveness, were stubborn, obstinate and obstructed the flow of God's grace right up to the end of their death!
    Pagans, athiests, and (the worst of the lot) the lukewarm, will not be forced to accept salvation!
    ...but, may be interceded and prayed for...;)

    It is good to "trust", believing, that God gives us "sufficient grace"! Anything is possible up, until the last breath!

    1. St Faustina's 'Divine Mercy Diary'

  18. Scripture says that the Father does not want anyone to be lost, so praying for Gosnell's conversion is what we are called to do. And for those who don't want him in heaven with them, not to worry. If there is any lack of charity in you, you won't be there either, but stuck in purgatory till you are only filled with love.

  19. Abby Johnson wrote a good article on Lifesite News about Christians spewing their hatred for Gosnell. She makes really good points. Reminded me of I have been forgiven much like Mary Magdalene. It's worth reading.

  20. I wrote a little response to The Bard's comment http://remnantofremnant.blogspot.com/2013/05/be-merciful-as-heavenly-father-is.html

  21. There's also Mark 10:18 - And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.

    Which I take as a warning about how we think of ourselves.

  22. One must be discreet and sensitive about making public announcements about who you are praying for.

    Imagine telling a parent you are praying for the person who molested and murdered their child or announcing at a Holocaust memorial you are praying for the whole Nazi leadership.

    You may wish to pray for these people but why tell anyone? Is there not the danger of being a a bit like a pharisee. I am such a good Christian I am praying for all these bad people. Are you not perhaps scandalising your brethren?

    In the Extraordinary Form of the Mass this discretion is observed. At High Mass the Master of ceremonies retires from his position next to the celebrant for both the prayer for the living and for the dead lest he overhear the intention. No one knows who the priest is praying for.

    I believe we should be similarly discreet.

  23. Anonymous - I think the discussion here has not been an announcement of "I'm so good I pray for x" as a reaction to a sense of "I hope he rots in hell" that we've seen among Christians. I doubt anyone here would be so indiscreet and unfeeling as to say the same things in an inappropriate situation. It's a discussion, and if ideas don't get kicked back and forth in a religious discussion we can't learn anything.

  24. ....being patient with the peers,

    The abortion drama is outrageous!
    ...finding out that this is "common" practise of the mainstream abortion industry has left many good people angry, shocked and shaken!
    They're still in the midst of processing the horror!
    ...it was made worse, that providers and supporters acted with impunity and "NEVER" even hid their evil!

    Of course a human soul is a terrible thing to lose! Jesus said he would die for the glory of just one...;)

    1. ....by the way,
      Gosnell is unrepentant,
      Gosnell's lawyer says he didn't do anything wrong!

      Oh brother! you sure make it hard!
      Maybe when your assets and property are confiscated, looted or stolen maybe you"ll give humility a chance!

  25. Since when does Gosnell's repentance depend on whether he is executed or imprisoned for life? I call to your attention the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, from Summa Contra Gentiles:

    The fact that the evil, as long as they live, can be corrected from their errors does not prohibit the fact that they may be justly executed, for the danger which threatens from their way of life is greater and more certain than the good which may be expected from their improvement. They also have at that critical point of death the opportunity to be converted to God through repentance. And if they are so stubborn that even at the point of death their heart does not draw back from evil, it is possible to make a highly probable judgment that they would never come away from evil to the right use of their powers.

    Moreover, God demands the exectuion of murderers. From Genesis 9: 5-6:

    Murder is forbidden….Any person who murders must be killed. Yes, you must execute anyone who murders another person, for to kill a person is to kill a living being made in God’s image (New Living Translation).

    akg41470, I sympathize with your opinion. One of the fundamental problems with Catholicism is a sentimentality toward sin that leads to equating the perpetrators of evil with the victims of evil. This is one reason, I believe, that church leaders did not vigorously protect the innocent from child-molesting priests (aside from blind corporate loyalty and institutional arrogance).

    At the same time, however, God's only way of salvation is through Jesus Christ (not through the Catholic Church or any other religious institution). Nobody can generate enough righteousness on his own to meet God's standards. That's one reason why Christ died on the cross: to take the punishment for human sin that the human race deserved.

    While it's true that God does not want anyone to perish, God made it clear through His Son that Jesus is the only way to Him -- that anyone who tries to enter the sheepfold by any other means is a thief and a robber. Not everybody will embrace Jesus as Messiah.

  26. By the way, hoping that Hitler is in Heaven is a waste of time. I'll tell you why, beyond the gratuitous evil he and his subordinates committed.

    Before he committed suicide, Hitler dictated a will and political testament. Among his final wishes was that his successors "continue the struggle against international Jewry." That's a direct quote. We all know where that struggle led. Hitler then ordered three couriers to take copies to his successors. One of the couriers buried his copy in his backyard; that's the only way we know about the testament's existance.

    Had Hitler truly repented, he would have issued orders countermanding his demand that the "struggle against international Jewry" be continued.

    Repentance isn't merely saying, "I'm sorry." It's a complete re-orientation of one's life away from sinful behavior. It's something that "three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and an Act of Contrition." can't really accomplish.

  27. It is good that the US judicial system still recognizes the right to life of babies who were born even if their parents' desired their death. It slaps down the sophism and wicked rationalization of Obama's legal doctrine about that subject. There is hope for the US as we have not yet been overcome by evil cloaked in law. The next thing now is to undo Roe.

  28. Anonymous said...One must be discreet and sensitive about making public announcements about who you are praying for.

    You are right anonymous. I never thought that part of the sickening feeling I get is these people publicly taking the pharisee approach. After they walk into a room full of Americans of African descent and tell them all "I pray every day for every slave holder and I hope that they are heaven waiting for you." They are surprised when some of the people says "I do not."

    What is pure evil, a form of attacking and trying to actually bring significant additional harm to the victim is when they follow their backhanded attack with "you are wrong, you are not Christian." Like they some how know the mind of God. Did God use Scott Roeder to save a soul in his wisdom he needed to come into the world. We do not know.

    That is just sick. When Father Emmons lead his prayer group to pray primarily for 15 years outside Gosnell House of Horrors, praying for the un-baptized souls of the babies who Gosnell was killing, he, and exemplary man also prayed for Gosnell. What he asked for in his prayers he has never said. I assume he prayed that Gosnell stop. To the best of our knowledge he never did. But I would bet you a lunch that he did not force anyone else to pray for Gosnell.

    How absolutely insulting, insensitive, arrogant to tell all Jews that you are praying for Hitler. I can only imagine the pain in a Jewish person heart to hear a bunch of so-called Christians publicly saying this.

    I pray the all abortionists receive their just rewards sooner than later. I pray that the Lord does what he can to protect the babies scheduled to be murdered today, tomorrow and the next day.

    I pray for the un-baptized victims of the child murders.

    I pray for Scott Roeder that his burdens may be lifted, he may find peace in this world and the next.

    I put a longer response here: http://charlescarrollsociety.com/2013/05/16/my-prayer-for-the-witch-doctor-gosnell/


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