NBC Worries Pope's New Saints WIll Hurt Islam's Feelings

Pope Francis set a record by canonizing 800 15th Century laymen that refused to convert to Islam and brutally died because of it.

It is a story of faith and strength in the face of death, death from a brutal and barbaric people.

But NBC is worried for poor Pope Francis. They are worried that acknowledging that these 800 heroes died true martyrs death and thus are assured of heaven, that the Pope may have hurt Islam's feelings. But no worries, there is someone more evil than the Pope to blame.
But the choice to highlight their sacrifice may put a strain on the already fragile relationship between the Catholic Church and Islam.

Ever since his election, Pope Francis has called for greater dialogue between Christianity and other religions, in particular Islam. And so far, he has acted on that promise. He washed the feet of a young Muslim woman jailed in a juvenile prison on Holy Thursday, and reached out to the many “Muslim brothers and sisters” during his first Good Friday procession.

So why risk creating yet another inter-faith row with a celebration which some in the Muslim world may be seen as a provocation?

The answer is that it wasn’t Pope Francis’ choice in the first place. The decision to canonize the hundreds of Otranto martyrs was rubber-stamped by his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, on Feb. 11 - the same day he announced his resignation.

It was a departing act of a pontiff that had become concerned about the mounting discrimination suffered by Christian minorities living in the Middle East in the wake of the Arab spring.

Pope Francis shares his predecessor’s concern. “By venerating the martyrs of Otranto” he said at Sunday’s canonization mass, “We ask God to protect the many Christians who in these times, and in many parts of the world, are still victims of violence”.
Pope Benedict 'rubber-stamped' it? What is that supposed to mean? Anyway, 800 men brutally died at the hand of Islam (as they do today) and we are supposed to worry that acknowledging their sacrifice is a provocation? The only people who could possibly be provoked by such a thing are the same barbarians that needed to be defeated 500 years ago.

I think this is important diplomatically. In an age where Christian are routinely murdered by Islamists for no other reason than being Christian, this is an important message and a reminder to send. There are those of us left that will never convert and that will die for our cause rather than profess a lie. And we will eventually win.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the editorial staff at the NC Reporter and a good number of theologians at Catholyc universities are discomfited by the beatifications, as well.

    The ironic thing is that Muslims at the time considered the executioners to be "defenders of the faith", and are enjoying their eternal reward.

  2. Interesting. That Christian martyrdom means dying for your faith in peace, in silence perhaps, offering your sacrifice for a cause or praying for the conversion of those murdering you. Islamic martyrdom is murdering innocents and committing suicide in the process. Wow. One sounds like its inspired by God, the other sounds inspired by Satan. Considering God is the architect of life and Satan death. I wonder who each respective religion has at their center? Who does each religion REALLY worship?

  3. The Church always hurts the feelings of those who killed the martyrs be raising them to the altar. I hope Pope Francis finds more martyrs to raise to the altar to send the Church and the bloodthirsty Muslims a clear message that Christianity is worth dying for, and Islam is nothing more than a murderers gang.

  4. Amount of worry from NBC over things like "piss Christ"?

  5. In matters of faith, at least, NBC's policy appears to veer between ignorance and malevolence.

  6. Thank God, matyrs still have the last word!
    To NBC and the rest of their like minded kind,
    what a load of "tripe"!
    I'm not worried over muslims getting their "feelings" hurt!
    They rejoice over the murder of christians.
    NBC, itself is guilty, actively hiding behind the omission, of "never" covering it when it happens.

    Am I worried about offending or insulting muslims with my Catholic faith?
    Absolutely NOT!!! and I don't stand for their abusive, idealogical nonsense either!
    They don't "coexist", they "absorb" by any means necessary!
    For them, the "Battle of Lepanto", HAS NEVER BEEN OVER!

    I'm a Catholic, with a family that has arab, persian and berber extractions, as well as, mexican, filipino, american indian, black and of course, white...;)
    ....must continually emphasize the importance of the rosary and scapular in daily life.

    Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatma!

  7. Our leader died, rose and is among today. I hope to destroy evil in the name of Jesus. I DO NOT wish the death of another human in His name.

  8. Islam doesn't care whose feelings it hurts. In fact Islam doesn't care whose head it cuts off, whose hand, whose cl*****s, whose tongue, whose useful idiot, whose...

  9. Donna M @ 2013 at 11:58 AM

    Sounds like the "Borg" of religions...

    Resistance is futile. Arghhhhh!

    1. ...hey A,

      Your not a "gutless wonder", are ya'!
      Did you end up here, because the muslim sites intimidated you?
      Just too scary for ya', huh?
      Hey, I hope it is not because they "cut off" negligble body parts!

      Sooo...how is the type in doing with the prostetics?

  10. About 800 people in my diocese were murdered by muslims on 9/11/01, so some things never change.

  11. This really isn't a surprise for me. I knew the media would turn on the Pope eventually. That is why the faithful must be strong and faithful to the Church. These 800 who now wear the crown of martyrdom must not be forgotten. The example they have gave to us is priceless. I hope to one day stand beside them worshiping our God.


  12. Cue Grumpy Cat: Hurt Muslim Feelings? Good.

  13. The converse of the canonization is that their Islamic murderers will be damned in hell.

  14. A while back a Muslim friend of mine (a convert from Christianity) posted a meme about how the Islamic terrorists are Muslim in the same way Westboro Baptist Church is Christian. It occurred to me that, well, radical, hate-filled pseudo-Christians annoy people, harrass people and that's about it. They don't blow people up, shoot them, sell them into slavery, or mutilate them. Some difference there, I think.

  15. Islam. It's not a religion, it's a political doctrine that aiming for world domination. And truth is the first victim.

    I'm agreed with Mack Hall
    "Am I worried about offending or insulting muslims with my Catholic faith?".

    since Muslims didn't worried about offending or insulting non-Muslims with their "faith".

  16. Islam is the perfidious religion of peace.

  17. I meant peace in parenthesis. Srry

  18. Donna M @ 5:13 PM

    Hissss, pfffft, meow! Scratch! LOL

    Ever heard of sarcasm? Guess not. Too bad, because I agree with the "Borg" part of your post.

    A couple of Copt acquaintances have said basically the same thing. Convert or die is pretty much it. Bye.

    I briefly met one of the hijackers from 911. He was on the plane that went down, and crashed in the open field.
    What the government didn't say about him was that, he was or had been in the Saudi Imperial Army! He was married but, estranged from his wife, because his little girl was developmentally challenged. His wife was his "first" cousin.

    He was taking "flying" lessons.

    He had met my "other" daughter, (who is extremely attractive) and looks ethnic arab.
    He wanted to take her to the "mosque"!
    After that alarming phone call, I met up with him.
    I told him to take a "hike", don't stalk my kid, don't contact us, don't bother us or I'll call the police!

    A MONTH LATER, 911!


  20. are you also worried what MSNBC "thinks"?


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