Sorta' Kinda' Celebs Rail Against Anti-Abortion Laws

In the wake of the discovery of Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors a number of states have tightened up inspections and put some restrictions on abortions. Well, it appears Hollywood is clearly in the Gosnell camp because here's a video put together by the Center for Reproductive Rights with some celebrities you might recognize. They're saying that any restrictions are "backward" while they want to go "forward."

It's actually pretty poorly done.



  1. I didn't recognize a single one of them. Were they stunt doubles of real actors?

  2. "We don't think that politicians in Washington are very smart about
    controlling healthcare choices that women are perfectly capable of
    making themselves".

    That sound bite from the president was especially hilarious, considering
    that Obamacare will be administered by the IRS...

  3. Holy goodness was that ever annoying.

  4. I guess moving forward doesn't include making sure that abortion clinics are clean, regularly inspected, use proper disposal, are insured, and have clear guidelines as to when to refer injured patients to hospitals because that is what most state-level legislation is talking about.
    That anyone is fighting against these rules just proves the pro-abortion lobby doesn't care one iota about women's health. Sad that some minor celebutards got sucked in to this.

  5. Well, I was a fan of Stanley Tucci (the bald guy with glasses who didn't want to say "dude" but seemed to have no problem vomiting up the delusional term "reproductive rights" every 10 nanoseconds)this morning, but I am not going to be able to look at him the same after this "acting" gig.

    It would appear that more than 200,000 people throughout the U.S.A. have signed "the" petition to receive more of the kool-aid that seemed to be leaking out of every pore and orifice on these intellectuals.

    They did say that there was "hundreds of thousands" of Americans that felt like them, right? Last time I heard there were 314 million citizens of the U.S.A or something like that? I guess that is why they needed to produce such a cliched "One to Grow On!" spot.

    I liked the comedienne who popped the pill like it was a Tic Tac. That about sums up the moral landscape at the moment.

    So, when Kermit Gosnell stuck scissors into the back of the head of multiple live births, THAT was "reproductive rights"?

    Wow. Just wow. Like I say to my students: Semantics: the ONLY thing that separates us from the animals.

  6. Puzzling. Forward for reproductive health. Popping a pill to prevent reproduction is reproductive health.

    By analogy, popping a pill to stop your heartbeat is cardiac health. Taking a pill to shut down your digestive system is digestive health. And receiving a concussion that stops all thought processes is mental health.

    Oh, wait a minute - they're obviously all mentally healthy in this clip.

  7. The attitudes of some of the actresses were quite viscous at times. May God prevent it, but it won't be long till they start rounding us "anti-reproductive rights" folks up. And if they are willing to murder little babies...

  8. not to point out the obvious, but it's the pro-life movement that seems more interested in science than politics.
    Also, who are these people?

  9. How dare these lifers wage a war on women by ensuring oversights and regulations designed to protect women. ITs anti women to protect women. We're going backwards by ensuring vulnerable women have advocate and those predators be excised from the group through inspections. Going forward means ensuring women can be put at risk and even young girls should be encouraged to engage in risky behaviors and seek out complete strangers with no a rental oversight for risky surgical procedures. Yea! That's pro woman!

  10. So, when did no copayment for birth control become a constitutional right?

  11. They are so drugged by Liberal propaganda that they can no longer think. They mouth off euphemisms to killing a baby like they're idiots. That's Obama - the president of idiots, morons, parasites and Islamists.

  12. ...pushing birth control pills like pimps! the way,

    Saw the way the gal "wolfed" down her meds!
    Highly "unrecommended!", actually dangerous and very stupid!
    Must be how she takes her other illicit substances.

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  15. This video was full of hubris, laughably inane, philosophically dyspeptic, and wildly annoying. Evidently moving forward (seems that was part of a presidential campaign last time around...but I digress) means unrestricted genocide of the unborn...der fuhrer would be proud.


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