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We're Not Called to Win Arguments, We're Called to Love

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Court to Announce the Fate of Marriage in the U.S.

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Rick Santorum Becomes Head of Faith Based Movie Production Company

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Transgender 6 Year Old Can Use Girl's Room, Court Says

Good News. Teacher's Union VP Believes in Hell.

"Dad, You Can't Throw Out God"

Former President Carter Criticizes Catholic Church, Blames Church for Human Rights Abuses

Anne Rice's "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" To Begin Shooting This Year

Biden Clearly Believes the Bible Says Lots About Immigration But Not Killing Babies or Marriage

Woman Writes of Abortion in NYTimes: "He died in a warm and loving place, inside me."

Another Meme

Hope, Faith, and Charity - A Catholic Meme

UK Pol Admits to Affair...With an Alien

Pelosi Defends Babies! Without Irony!!!

Funding Restrictions Stifle Cloning Research

Priests for Life Asks Pelosi to Formally Renounce Her Catholicism

The Morality of Open Borders

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150 Congressmen Vote for Atheist Chaplains

NOW Plans to Komen Hospital That Won't Perform Abortions

If It Saves One Life -- Double Standards

Cuomo's Abortion Bill Dies in Senate

Mag's Photo Spread Portrays Female Suicides

Congressman Ob/Gyn Speaks About Fetal Pain, Media Titters Like Grade Schoolers

Cardinal George Refuses Gay Activist Communion, Lesbian Cantor Brings Host to Him Anyway

A Witnessed Moment of Heartbreaking Love

I Hate Zero Tolerance Nazism

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