Army Punishes Soldier who Served Chick-fil-A & More

That title comes from Foxnews. I suppose it is not entirely accurate. It should read "Army Punishes Soldier who Served Chick-fil-A and expressed support for DOMA"

It seems that serving homophobic chicken and openly supporting the Defense of Marriage Act is a punishable offense in today's military.
An Army master sergeant was punished after he hosted a promotion party and served Chick-fil-A sandwiches in honor of the Defense of Marriage Act.

The unidentified soldier was investigated, reprimanded, threatened with judicial action and given a bad efficiency report, according to the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

“They say he is no longer a team player and was not performing up to standards,” Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews told Fox News. “This is just one little example of a case of a soldier just wanting to express his views and now he’s been jumped on by the military.”

The soldier’s story was included in a letter to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights documenting concerns about attacks on religious liberty within the Armed Services.

The Pentagon did not return calls seeking comment.

Last summer the soldier had received his promotion to master sergeant. The promotion coincided with a national controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A’s support of traditional marriage. Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy told a newspaper that he was “guilty as charged” when it came to supporting the biblical definition of marriage. Gay rights advocates were infuriated and some Democratic leaders – most notably the mayor of Boston –  attempted to stop the popular restaurant chain from opening restaurants in their cities.

Crews said the soldier decided to hold a party to celebrate his new position. The invitations read, “In honor of my promotion and in honor of the Defense of Marriage Act, I’m serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at my promotion party.”

After the party, the solider received a letter of reprimand. Crews said at issue was the combination of the sandwiches and the soldier’s support of DOMA (which happens to be the law of the land).
The letter documenting the attacks on religious liberty in the military included:

  • One service member received a severe reprimand for expressing his faith’s religious position about homosexuality in a personal religious blog
  • A chaplain was relieved of his command over a military chapel because he could not allow same-sex weddings to take place in the chapel.
  • And a chaplain who asked senior military officers whether religious liberty would be protected in the wake of the repeal of the law against open homosexual behavior in the military was told to “get in line” or resign.
The suppression of religious liberty in this country is beginning in earnest.  Progressives always use the military as their proving ground for social experimentation.  If they can get away with it there, it will be everywhere.  We have already begun to see it creeping, but in the military it is out front and obvious.

These are dangerous times we live in.
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  1. Mr. Patrick Archbold: "(which happens to be the law of the land)" ought to be shouted out loud. THIS IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. THE RULE OF LAW MUST NOT BE ABROGATED. THOSE WHO DESTROY THE RULE OF LAW MUST BE PUNISHED ACCORDING TO THE LAW THEY VIOLATED.(for instance: those who declare DOMA extinct and ignore this law of the people ought to be stripped of their citizenship) Some people follow power. Let us not be sheepish or slow to reclaim what is rightly our just inheritance, for the hedons and the hellians are imposing their ruthlessness, savagery and barbarianism on the nation.

  2. So for soldiers with traditional solid morals there is a "don't ask don't tell policy". Ironic, that they are being...pushed into a closet.

  3. Till now i thought there would be a military coup/revolt if our guys were asked to fire upon us citizens, not so sure now, given brass response in these situations


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