Girl with Two Moms Takes Aim at Father's Day at HuffPo

Here's my prediction. Ready? Father's Day and Mother's Day will be eradicated and commingled into one generic "Parent's Day" within the next ten years as a nod to sensitivity. It'll be like what happened to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's birthdays becoming a generic "President's Day." But for crazy different reasons.

I thought of this because of an article I just read by Abby Bergman, a frequent writer for HuffPo Teen. The high schooler seems to write about her two Moms often. In her latest she complains that having two mommies makes Father's Day awkward. And as we know, kids feeling momentarily awkward was enough of a catastrophic event to have prayer drummed out of public schools and government buildings so it's definitely enough for Father's Day.

Bergman writes:
Although my school was the epitome of an inclusive environment, I still found myself feeling somewhat left out whenever my elementary school teacher would break out the craft supplies and announce we would be making gifts for our dads.

Go back to this week nine years ago and I am a carefree second grader with no concept of prejudice. The teacher announces that we are stopping our reading lesson early to work on Father's day projects. I unabashedly rush up to the teacher to remind her that since I do not have a dad, I cannot make a gift. Without missing a beat, my teacher tells me that I should still make a card and then just give it to a different man in my family.
So to avoid such horrors in the future, Abby Bergman's brilliant solution do away with Father's Day.

Can you imagine the hubris of having an awkward moment in second grade and because of that recommending doing away with a national holiday?
I don't deny that we need a day to recognize our parents -- maybe even more than one. But in our modern society shouldn't we be able to celebrate a holiday that includes everyone? Families come in all shapes and sizes. According to All Children Matter, only 22 percent of households consist of married heterosexual couples raising children together. So instead of one day where we feel pressured by society (and Hallmark) to recognize a parent of a particular gender, how about if we all use every day to thank and honor all of our parents.
This is happening. Any takers on ten years? Over? Under?

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  1. Here is a rabid anti-Catholic homosexual from Mark Shea's NCR page: "Tell me I’m “disorcered,” Mark. I’ll support your right to do that. I’ll tell you your’e a superstition idiot that tries to appease your non-existent hobgoblin. I’ll do all I can to evangelically convert you to intelligence. Agreed? But when you try to use the laws of a secular state that recognizes the existence of no gods, spook or goblins, I’ll go after the practice of your beliefs with a vengeance. I’ll see to it that you’ll pay for other people’s contraceptives to the point where you’ll go to your hell or else have you and your family are impoverished and left on the street. Then you can whine how you are being “persecuted” for being denied your “religous liberty.”

    I was conceived and born gay, Mark. You were conceived and born straight. Both of us were conceived and born Atheist. We knew there were no gods to tell us what to do or else suffer eternal torment (such loving gods you were taught to believe in).

    You chose the Cathoic lifestyle. That’s fine for you. In the laws of our secular nation, keep it to yourself. Stop trying to shove your choice into my and other’s faces. Use your magic books, count your beads, use what fetishes you need to appease your gods and goddesses. I’ll defend to the death the right of you to do so. Force me to do it, and you’re toast."

  2. In other words, the gloves are coming off and the charade of "equality" and "live and let live" has been dropped.

  3. Thankfully we have first and second Maccabees

  4. "Stop trying to shove your choice into my and other’s faces. Use your magic books, count your beads, use what fetishes you need to appease your gods and goddesses."
    interesting as I see the LGBT and atheist communities shoving their choice into my face.
    never could understand the nastiness that comes from the homosexual and atheist communities.

  5. "I unabashedly rush up to the teacher to remind her that since I do not have a dad, I cannot make a gift." so is she saying that she is the issue of a virgin birth? how sad that her "parents" have raised her to not understand the role of a man and a father in how a child is raised.
    and unfortunately I suspect that her opinion is the first of many that we'll see over the coming years to eliminate mother's day, father's day etc

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  7. Reductio ad absurdum: Sperm Day
    It's so absurd it almost bolsters the hyper-subjectivist view.

  8. She should have been told that she should make a card for the Father she never knew.

  9. The amount of empathy added together from everyone on this blog could fit on the head of a pin. Protecting a made-up holiday over children's feelings? Sick.

  10. Of course, the same issue comes up for children whose father died, or children with dead-beat dads, or children of single moms who don't know who the father is.

    The issue of "no father at home" has existed for a long time. But if it causes the slightest disturbance to anything related to homosexuality, such things must be destroyed. Oy.

    1. Exactly. I grew up without a dad and dealt with this my entire life. I was never bothered by it. It was what it was and I moved on without trauma over a card. The real damage was done by my absentee father, not a coloring project in school.

  11. "Protecting a made-up holiday over children's feelings? Sick."

    That's not the point, and you know it. What is sick, however, is a child being forced into that situation. What is sick is a society where encouraging destructive behavior is praised and encouraging what is actually best for children is mocked and called "hate speech."
    Sick, indeed.

  12. 3 years. And this is one reason it's probably a good thing I'm not a teacher for my response would have been, "I'm sorry you were denied the opportunity to know who your father is - perhaps you can make a prayer card for him?"

  13. "Protecting a made-up holiday over children's feelings? Sick."

    I see it as preserving the values of the majority against the whims of 1% of the population. I have a feeling that your idea of inclusiveness is "surrender all to me!" No thanks.

  14. 10 yrs might be a good guess IF the SCOTUS doesn't "Roe" Gay Marriage. If it does, 2 yrs, max. Methinks its time to go all subculture again as Catholics. Let the secularists do what they will with Fathers Day, let's celebrate our Catholic holidays all the more... How about using St Joseph's Day as Fathers Day as they do in traditionally Carholic countries?

  15. No, you're totally missing the "empathy" point here, people.

    How much harm would it do you to combine the two holidays into a "Parent's Day" holiday on a scale of 1 to 10? A 1, maybe a 2? How about the awkwardness a child feels trying to fit in with a Father's Day holiday when they didn't know their father, or have two mothers? Probably a 6, right?

    Are you all really seriously that selfish?

    1. As someone who grew up without a father, it was never a 6 over Father's Day. And for my family it would be horrible to combine the days. Because I lacks a father growing up, I know all too well how important my husband is, how large and difficult his role is to father our children in today's world. I want a day to honor him. The point is that this is just one more thing being taken away from society to spare a very minority of people's feelings, and its over an issue that has always been around, but is suddenly a big deal because of the homosexual agenda. Also, Father's Day serves as a reminder to me to pray for my own dad who failed to be there for me, an to honor him anyway. It's part of my cross. If its gone secularly, my family will not celebrate a parents day, but will continue to celebrate a separate Mother's Day and Father's Day, because mothers and are fathers are both different in their roles, and they are both very much needed.

  16. "What is sick, however, is a child being forced into that situation."

    So a father dying in a car accident is a "sick situation"? What are you gonna do, ban cars so no kid is forced into a situation where they have to write a card in school to their dead father?

    "What is sick is a society where encouraging destructive behavior is praised and encouraging what is actually best for children is mocked and called "hate speech.""

    Wow, that took a turn. Got some completely different subject on your mind there? Focus, my friend, focus.

  17. I have empathy for the fact that this child has been brainwashed to believe she has two mothers, and is being used as a tool for a left-wing political agenda.

    The charitable and "empathetic" thing to do would be to inform her that she does, in fact, have a father, like every other human being. It isn't empathetic or charitable to lie to children.

  18. By the way, I suspect that once this girl gets a little older, learns about the biology of human reproduction, and starts questioning her parental indoctrination, she may not be quite as enthusiastic about having "two mommies." She may also have some pretty serious psychological issues.

  19. The teacher should have told her that she does have a Dad. Somewhere out there is a man who gave her half her DNA.

  20. Great news for Abby: she has 1 father and 1 mother!

  21. Hey, little miss,

    Should have made a craft, designated the "MIA Biological Parent Project"!
    Your very existence may be, in truth, attributed to him!
    Come on, young lady. Be "honest" and give credit where credit is due!
    The prejudice already coming out of your mouth!

  22. Under. The Sensitivity Stasi will intervene ASAP. Gaia forbid anyone should have an awkward moment.

    Life must be awkward-proofed at all costs, even if that means sacrificing a previously- unobjectionable celebration of fatherhood.

    I might be wrong, but I'm sure there were plenty of broken homes and deadbeat and otherwise absent fathers around when the holiday was instituted. It wasn't intended as a stick in the eye to those sad situations, but rather a celebration of the importance of fathers. And only those bent on being offended took it as a deliberate stick in the eye.

    But when two lesbians have kids--goodness, we have to jettison the whole thing altogether. And so we shall--in the name of "inclusivity."

  23. 1. i predict 2 years at most. the rate of change in these areas is too fast to undestand what the impact will be.

    2. i wish happy Father's Day to all men i know are dads. i am not limited to the one who provided the genetic material. sounds like the girl didnt know how to react. the teacher handled it well. move on. the homosexual activists will have to realize the other side of their `rights` being anointed by government. that is the fact, not every situation must be perfectly aligned with a person. not every part of my day is people praising my specific situation. awkwardness is a part of life. if you dont believe me, just look at how foisting gay marriage and random family arrangements is making the rest of us feel. awkward.


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