Mom Goes Chris Hansen To Catch Predator

A mom found out that her 11 year old daughter was communicating via social media with a 23 year old man. She called him to warn him to stay away. When he didn't, she went all undercover Chris Hansen on him and now the perv is in the slammer.
Bradley didn't stop, though, according to police.

So the mother pretended to be her daughter. She played dumb in text messages, saying she was turning 12. When she was pressed to send provocative photographs of herself, she went to the Sunday newspaper, cut out a Target advertisement featuring a young girl in a bra, lopped off the head and sent along the rest of the picture.

The charade worked.

Bradley was arrested Friday night on eight counts of displaying obscene images to a minor and eight counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device. He is being held at the Pinellas County Jail, with bail set at $120,000.

"I want other parents to be aware," the woman said Monday. "If you got young girls and they're on Facebook, you better pay attention because if you don't, it leads to more and more."

Mom of the year. Next time, listen to Mom. (And yes, that goes for Chris Hansen as well.)



  1. Would be nice to know what tools are out there to monitor the chatrooms i.e. to record the exchange in a file.

    In FB, the mom can demand the password from the kids as a condition for keeping the account. So, she can come in later and view the messages.

  2. The only way to do something is to be involved in our kids lives and do something DRASTIC and dramatic if needed.

  3. Yes, good for Mom...but Mom of the Year would not let her 11 yr old daughter on the computer or smart phone alone...much less have a facebook account.

  4. Until the government declares Facebook a right like plan B is healthcare. Then your 12 year old will be given a private account with no parental oversight. Protected by government....who may be the stackers. That or Hollywood executives and directors.

  5. I applaud her method but I still don't understand 12 y/o kids wjth facebook! If you've seen To Catch a Predator you already know the internet is no place for unsupervised children. As for him, since he was vold enough to continue after being confronted they should increase his bail and impose the max when he's convicted!

  6. Mom of the year, hardly. Facebook doesn't even 'allow' children under the age of 13 to sign up.

    And texting? People she doesn't know? What is this?

    Also, Target, your ads were used to catch a child predator. Sheesh.

  7. Yes as if facebook can or would stop kids lying about their age. The disclaimer id and always has been a legal ass cover


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