11 year old Rape Victim Denied Abortion, Libs Freak. But The Girl Doesn't Actually Want an Abortion

Amnesty International as well as several other pro-abortion rights groups and the media (wait, is that redundant?) are pounding their fists and demanding that an 11 year old rape victim not be denied an abortion. But there's one problem. The 11 year old rape victim doesn't actually want an abortion. This may be the first case of a worldwide coerced abortion.

This news story is pretty typical of how this is being covered.

The Times of the UK reports this paragraph about a poor 11 year old girl who was reportedly raped by her stepfather.

The headline reads "Chilean girl is refused abortion after stepfather rape" and shows an image of a priest holding up a rosary so clearly they're setting off this girl's desire for an abortion with the eeeeeevil Church which forces women to carry babies they don't want.

Check out the lede which absolutely implodes on itself in the very next paragraph.
An 11-year girl who became pregnant when her stepfather raped her is being denied an abortion in Chile. The case has caused controversy in the predominantly Roman Catholic country, one of seven in Latin America with an outright ban on abortion.

It was further complicated this week when the girl appeared on television and said she wanted to keep the child.
So a girl is being denied an abortion that she doesn't want? I'm a little confused.

You have to understand. This is the template that worked so very well in Ireland, so now they're using it in Chile. They politicized the death of Savita Halappanavar and somehow twisted the facts to attribute her death to a denied abortion. It wasn't true. But they won so we should expect more of this and say a little prayer for this 11 year old girl.



  1. An 11-year old does not have the decision making capability required of a parent. It's also very unsafe for her and the child, physically. That is why this case is what it is. Not hard to see that.

  2. So...the liberal solution to a case where an 11-year-old is raped by her stepdad is to forcefully abort the baby she actually wants and sees as the only good to come out of the tragic situation?

    What kind of liberalism is that?

    That's like raping the kid all over again.

  3. akg41470 - Dying is VERY unsafe for the child in the womb. You have absolutely no foreknowledge of what the outcome will be for either individual. There are TWO individuals here, one of whom is completely defenseless and voiceless. And people are willing to execute that person on a "maybe."

    An abortion could kill the mother, render her sterile so that she cannot have children in the future, and will most certainly leave emotional scars on top of the ones left by the step father's abuse - scars that it's often up to Church counselors to heal because pro-aborts refuse to admit they exist and so try to wave them away.

    And it's never truly about the mother with the pro-death crowd. It's all about the words "I want", concealed and hidden and wound with excuses in a soul buried under the lies of a profound evil.

  4. It would be nice to write and send a card to this little girl who is so brave to refuse abortion when so much pressure has been put on her. God bless her. It is a beautiful story. Her child will be truly blessed to have her as a mother.

  5. An 11-year old does not have the decision making capability required of a parent.

    But if that 11 year old was in an American school and wanted an abortion without her parents' knowledge or birth control, her decision making capability would be sacrosanct.

    Proper medical care can get her through the pregnancy - alive, with the baby.

    But why do that when an abortion makes the right people feel morally superior and comfortable. And if she experiences complications from the abortion (like the ability not to carry a child when she's an adult)? Oh, well, we still scored a point for "choice" so she just has to suck it up.

  6. I guess this is what bugs me most about the pro abortionists. They have no problem using perfidious to accomplish their goals. Like satan, they will trick, lie, deceive, and reward or punish those who agree or disagree. It defeats ones argument at Truth if you lie to promote your Truth.

  7. I have a friend who gave birth at 11 due to a family abuse situation. Her daughter was born healthy and given up for adoption. Thirty years later, they reunited, and my friend discovered that her daughter was an amazing woman with two sons of her own. Anyone who thinks that a child born of such abuse is not a blessing should meet these two families.


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