Americans 2 to 1 Against Abortion After 20 Weeks

If this doesn't help the GOP grow a spine on this issue, nothing will.

Today, the Huffington Post released new national polling showing that by a margin of 59 percent to 30 percent, Americans favor a federal law prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks. (You wouldn't think that from the media coverage of the Texas bill, would you?)

Those feeling strongly about the issue in the poll in favor of laws restricting late-term abortion over those against them is still 2 to 1. Yup. The Democrats just soiled themselves. The country is not with them on this and they have absolutely no wiggle room on this. They have sold their soul to the abortion industry and absolutely can't give in to any restriction whatsoever. None.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said:
“Including a strong variety of people in favor of abortion, against it, or undecided, Americans overall agree two to one that federal law should at least protect babies past the twenty week (five-month) mark, when they are fully formed and capable of feeling pain. This is a point of great consensus for Americans across the country that has now been reflected in numerous state and national polls. The U.S. House has already voted in favor of protecting children past the 20-week mark and we now call on the U.S. Senate to do the same.”
And let's make sure there's none of those b.s. "health of the mother" provisions that essentially make any law meaningless.

I'll be honest, the incrementalist approach worries me a bit because say by some miracle, the GOP mans up and really begins restricting abortion after 20 weeks, what do we do after we get it? Because on the one hand, pro-lifers would likely lose some support afterwards because a number of people would feel that it was restricted enough now. In truth, one of the reasons the pro-life community is so strong in this country is because our abortion laws are so radical and absolute. If we win some headway, we likely lose at least some support, I think.

On the other hand, having people recognize the humanity of the unborn at 20 weeks might make them wonder why that same baby isn't human a few days before.

But anything that saves at least some unborn babies, I'm for.



  1. GOP and spine are largely mutually exclusive these days...

  2. Compared to the situation in the early '80's we are making progress. I believe people's hearts changing is the only way to deal long term. The demographic solution for us elderly will help as younger people know and feel the effects of abortion on y'all's generation.
    Btw I'm pretty sure most politicians have no spines, bless their hearts. Lord, have mercy.

  3. I've often thought of supporting abortion for serious health issues, birth defects or as a result of crime. Not because I think abortion is good, but to cast light on the horror of abortions of convenience, where it is not necessary. Elective is the word, I believe. Perhaps most importantly, giving people who disagree with us the option of abortion under grave circumstances might isolate those who do it for convenience as selfish or just plain wrong. It would not be the end of the war, but considering 97 % of abortions are simply elective convenience and not due to some grave reason, it would be a major battle victory in the war. I think at some point we need to start thinking about saving some rather than not being able to save all because the entire political argument targets that 3% where abortion supporters rest their arguments.

  4. On the other hand, having people recognize the humanity of the unborn at 20 weeks might make them wonder why that same baby isn't human a few days before.

    More and more I believe this is the case. If we can get to the point where abortion past 20 weeks becomes inconceivable and the consensus is widely against it, then we can start making inroads into earlier abortions. Essentially we can achieve via policy the arguments we've long made about the logical progression against abortion. If not at 20 weeks, then why 18, etc.

  5. I know people who are completely psychotic about the life of the mother after 20 weeks. What they don't seem to grasp is that the STANDARD OF CARE for that point in pregnancy is to deliver the baby alive and hope you were wrong about the due date. (Or, for a couple of weeks later, to deliver the baby alive, pop her in the NICU, and give her some more time to grow.)

    BUT I think public opinion has moved because of all the preemies among us. Most people know a few kids who were born too early and turned out to be decent people. So they don't want to kill other potential preemies.

  6. It would be nice if, instead of making it a restriction on abortion, we granted "personhood" to the 20 week old... just sayin'


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