Bishops Must Kill The CHA

Regrettably, if unsurprisingly, Sister Carol Keehan and the Catholic Health Association have thrown their lot in with the Administration over the HHS mandate rather than side with the Bishops.

The CHA endorsement represents an existential threat to truly Catholic Healthcare in this country.

At the Register I explain why the the "Bishops Must Kill The CHA"

Please read it.

*subhead*Kill it.*subhead*


  1. BTW-- The Franciscan Alliance of Indiana is no longer part of the CHA, and is siding with the bishops on the HHS mandate. It's a great group of hospitals that really take their faith seriously.

    And these sisters (run some of the alliance hospitals) are also really wonderful:

  2. I'm shocked! Shocked to find that Sister Carol Keehan aka $it$er Millionaire, aka Sister ObamaCare, has struck, again.

    What about Keehan's superiors? What about them? What good are superiors when one doesn't recognize any authority. “Social justice” trumps even G-d don't ya lnow.

    And, yes, the next move is for the USCCB to make. Until then... Move on. Move on. There's nothing to see here.

  3. Pat, you've got to be kidding. The USCCB won't "kill" CHA or any other organization that embodies their view of "social justice." These are the same people that helped support ACORN, doncha know?

    The USCCB is nothing but a synonym for spiritual and moral malfeasance. Stalin has a greater chance of rising from the dead and becoming a Buddhist pacifist.


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