At Which School Is Your Child Safer?

If you're dropping your child off at school, at which one do you think your child would be safer?

Yeah, me too. The second one is at a Christian school in Arkansas.

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  1. I teach college-level English in the evenings. It's scary that we have no security at all to deal with any crisis (well- I have my dean's cell phone...can he get there in time to do karate kicks???). I don't think I would do well with a gun- but how about pepper spray? sandy Hook would have turned out very differently if the first women had pepper spray or tasers.

  2. I teach English at my local community college, and although there is sometimes a local police officer on site, a previous one was fired after an incident not related to the college, and another is even more doddery than I.

    Further, the one time I felt genuinely threatened was by a disciple or apostle or some such -- the term "Christian" has no meaning except in a very limited context.

  3. Both are stupid. They reflect more than some idiotic pro or anti gun promotional. Tey reflect a decaying culture where people feel required to make threats,posture and take other actions to prevent things that should not exist. But by not addressing the problem of delinquency, fatherlessness, single mothers in poverty and the high risk of children in broken homes...these signs are cowardly attempts to put band aids on open hemorraging wounds.


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