HuffPo Frets 50 Abortuaries Shut Down Since 2010

Over 50 abortion clinics have closed down in the past three years, according to a new study from The Huffington Post.

At least 54 abortion providers across 27 states have shut down or ended their abortion services in the past three years, and several more clinics are only still open because judges have temporarily blocked legislation that would make it difficult for them to continue to operate.
This is good news.

And on top of that, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported that in 2012, there was a 4.4% decrease in Wisconsin abortions.

Keep up the good work. There's much to celebrate. Much to do but there's no harm in taking stock and acknowledging that maybe just maybe the tide has turned.

*subhead*Turning tide.*subhead*


  1. This is great to hear. Battles are being won, but the war rages on. I hope this gives courage to those in the trenches.

  2. I'm just glad to see huffypoo noting a courageous judge that blocked the legislation. I mean, who would want a medical clinic that performs highly invasive surgeries on women to follow basic medical and health codes. Ensuring women are safe during surgery is almost like waging war on women.


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