Pastor: No Weaves in Church

When the Bible says "even the very hairs of your head are all numbered" I don't think wigs and weaves were included.

My first instinct was to make fun of this story. I mean, come on. He's from Waco, Texas and he's asking women not to wear hair weaves in Church. But after I read it I sorta' thought this Texas pastor had a point. It may not be the best way to go about it but he's got a point.

CBS in Houston reports that Pastor A.J. Aamir, a former Muslim turned Christian pastor, is asking women not to wear weaves in church. The story states that he says women who wear weaves "presents a false image of themselves."

Now, he says that and I'm thinking we've got a bit of a nutjob on our hands, right? But then the story goes on.
His church is made up of a congregation of members that are dealing with financial hardships, but he notices they will go out and buy $300 weaves.

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling,” Aamir told America Preachers. “Yet, a 26-year-old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. No, I will not be quiet about this.”
Hmmm. That seems like a pretty valid point, doesn't it? I think we could probably say the same thing about IPhones, cable television, fancy cars and many other things.



  1. He's got a point. But it seems to me that if you rely on Providence, you don't publicly dump on a mom for a $300 weave. I just don't see the saints of old doing that.

  2. We have become a narcissistic, self-centered, don't- think- beyond- today society. How deep the faith of our elder brothers and sisters who lived through the depression with one set of clothes and worn out shoes.
    White washed tombs we have become. Clean on the outside and corrupted on the inside...on the brighter side...
    "And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.…

  3. This brought to mind a couple who received food from our parish food bank while I was employed in the church office. Our pastor, a hard-scrabble man from Ireland had had enough of the freeloading after he saw the couple arrive in front of the church in a new car and carrying cellphones before the era of Obamaphones. Father had a "come to Jesus" talk with the family. I thought it rather harsh that Father turned them away, but on further reflection, it seemed that Fr. knew the routine and was helping the couple out by saying "no". Sometimes our helping hands are at the end of our own sleeves.

  4. I know someone who spends $1600 a month on her hair, but has trouble paying utility bills and gets a SNAP card to feed her kids. I agree with that pastor.

  5. A false image?
    Well. There goes makeup...and lying...and pretending to like people...and I guess it will never truly end until we are as rude to our friends at church as we are to the in-laws.

  6. "False image" is not the problem. If one wants to pin it down to a one-word sin, it's not deceit, it's vanity, or, probably even more, wastefulness.

  7. Suzanne F....I don't know what kind of revisionist Saint stories you've been reading, but that is EXACTLY how many of the "saints of old" would have handled it; especially the great preachers. Try reading 2 Thessalonians 3, and 1 Peter 3 to see how two of the greatest early models for preachers handled this kind of situation.


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