Poll: Catholics Cool with Former Abortion Clinic Owner as PA Governor

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, a former abortion clinic owner, may well be the next governor of Pennsylvania, according to a poll obtained by PoliticsPA. The worst part is that, according to the poll, Catholics approve.
The most interesting aspect of the poll was that it dealt directly with Schwartz’s past work at a Philadelphia health clinic that provided abortions.

“A lot of people have said, variations on the theme, that they think that Allyson Schwartz is going to have difficulty winning the general election because of her work with the Blackwell Center,” said pollster Pete Brodnitz.

He said that when the campaign has the chance to push back against the initial stigma, they win. Of the two issue descriptions below, respondents chose the pro-Schwartz response 51% to 33%. They broke out white Catholics, who supported the Schwartz position by 56% to 29%.

Here are the competing questions the pollster asked.

1) Supporters of Tom Corbett say prior to running for Congress, Schwartz ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. In Congress and the State Senate, she has pushed a pro-abortion agenda, including opposing parental notification, supporting partial birth abortions, and voting against the Religious Freedom Act.

2) Supporters of Allyson Schwartz say she helped found the non-profit Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center to provide access to quality, affordable health care. While the center did provide legal abortion services, Schwartz’s goal was to reduce the number of abortions by helping women get access to better health care and contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
Firstly, what a crock. She ran an abortion clinic to reduce the number of abortions? What?!

I know that polls run by campaigns can be questionable but the thing is that the district she's won four times has an awful lot of Catholics in it and they keep voting her in. Schwartz has an abysmal record on abortion and abortion legislation.



  1. Im so sick of the cowardly nature of people these days. If people want to be Catholic they should find out what it means, live it, love it or leave it. If you run an abortion clinic, then stand up and scream that you murder babies and you're proud of it. Such sleaziness, mental manipulation and irrational justifications. Man, I'm bored with emotional, spiritual and intellectual cowards. Be true to yourself and live your belief...and no. Not everyone is going to make you feel warm and fuzzy about it. Just stop trying to ruin Catholicism for the rest of us by imagining it could ever support abortion. Duh!
    (Alright, so the blogger isn't the only one entitled to a nonsensical rant from time to time)

  2. Trouble is, Catholics who support abortion as a fundamental human right ARE living their beliefs. They believe in doing whatever they want, and they believe others should be able to do the same. End of story.

  3. @ Ron: but only what Proteios accurately describes as "sleaziness, mental manipulation and irrational justifications" can let them believe that abortion is a fundamental human right.

  4. Many Catholics have been very effectively evangelized . . . by the secular culture. This is only further proof of that.

  5. Many Catholics are not real Catholics but CINO's. See Sebileius, Kathryn, Biden, Joe, Kennedy, Ted, Pelosi, Nancy...etc.

  6. Polls are polls, remember Romany was going to win.


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