Ugh. Iowa Dems Pray for Abortion Rights on Video

Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidates join abortion activists in prayer for increased abortion access. "We pray for women who've been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion."

They pray for the "blessing of choice."

This is truly sick.



  1. The "blessing" of murder. Sick, indeed.

  2. Anyone who isn't frightened of power is not mature enough to be trusted with power.

    Also? Leftists, you do not get to call anyone or anything "paternalistic". I know you think it means the same thing as "patriarchal", but it does not. "Paternalistic" essentially means "statist".

  3. Surprised a bolt of lightning didn't strike them dead.

  4. Who are they praying to? Ba'al?

  5. Uhhhh. Not sure where to begin. I assume they are praying to some goddess or deity, as God is not in fear of patriarchy, nor is he in fear of women's power. He made them both. He made them man and woman. And guess what...He wants us together having children.

  6. My state...
    liberalism really is a mental disorder.


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