Awesome Video on Gratitude. It'll Make Your Day

This video about happiness will make you happy. If it doesn't, there's probably something very wrong with you and you should probably be medicated. (I put the word "probably" in there because I'm not a doctor and I don't want to be sued for doling out medical advice. But seriously if you don't like this video there is actually something wrong with you. Probably. What? We live in a litigious age.)

This video from Soul Pancake is really moving. It's about how gratitude contributes to happiness. Watch it, smile, and then go tell someone how much they mean to you.

Thanks to Sherry for sending it over.

*subhead*Soul Pancake.*subhead*


  1. Thank you for sharing that. And thank you for thanking Sherry for sharing that. And if you're reading Sherry, thank you for sharing that. (Sherring that?)

  2. It works. My face just broke into a big grin, but that might have been the puns. :)

  3. Thanks! Shared with my wife and kids.
    This is not an insignificant lesson to learn. Cultivate gratitude.

  4. Cute. No doubt about that. But I wonder how a phenomenon like happiness is quantified. The same way is devotion? Seems vague. So when vague changes by 4-19% is that quantifiable? Is that "proof"? Or is this just a really cute video that for misguided reasons felt it needed the validity science carries because a kind hearted video cannot be validated simply by making people happy? I don't know. But I doubt science has anything to do with this. But gratitude is a form of love and the greatest of these is......


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