Check Out This Headline About Pope Francis

This is a pretty crazy headline from a major newspaper. Could you think of any other major religion which would be treated like this?

Exit question: Is the Philadelphia Daily News suggesting that glibness is the exclusive domain of conservatives?



  1. Only the true religion will be mocked.

    All other false religions are accorded respect.

  2. The Pope deserves his "kick in the butt!" He called Catholics who oppose Abortion, Contraceptives and Gay Marriage "obsessed." Get real! He is on the Broadway

  3. A worse headline: "‘The Bible’ creator praises the Pope for pro gay comments, talks series success" That from Fox news.

  4. Actually I think that headline is accurate. A large number of people thought that he was being liberal. The buzzwords he used and his tone, and most tellingly the absence of any correction from him, show that he wanted to create that impression. However he isn't changing church teaching. So his interview and letter are fundamentally insincere, he is glib.


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