Christian B&B Owners Harassed and Vandalized Into Selling

The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast in Cornwall England turned away a gay couple in 2008 because they did not ever permit non-married couples (including straight non-married couples) to share a room.

In September 2008, a gay couple booked a double room but they were turned away when the hotel realized the booking had not been made by a heterosexual, married couple.

The B&B website reportedly states their policy clearly, saying, "Please note that as Christians we have a deep regard for marriage (being the union of one man to one woman for life to the exclusion of all others). Therefore, although we extend to all a warm welcome to our home, our double bedded accommodation is not available to unmarried couples."

Now, what did this bring them?

Mounting legal bills, they lost their listing with hotel database Visit England, death threats, vandalism, hackers filling their website with porn, vandals removing the wheels from their car, and a dead rabbit nailed to their fence.

Now, the couple is selling their business.

And some people still think that the tolerance fascists are going to leave the Catholic Church alone?

Me? I'm buying stock in dead rabbits.



  1. And, here in England, I am waiting for a cleric (any cleric) or politician (any politician) to stand up and to condemn unequivocally this cruel bullying and intimidation by the self-arbiters of tolerance who deliberately set this couple up.
    Silence. Well, the couple are elderly, unglamorous, not in the best of health. They are little people with no access to power or powerful lobbies, as was the family baker business in Oregon, also forced to shut down after a militant campaign by the LGBT faction.
    Come on, Christian hierarchy. If not now, when?

  2. My "government" job includes working with displays/artifacts/rare books. Per a recent decision, our institution will be neglecting its pursuit of our area's rich centuries-old heritage to pursue the couple-decade old history of the local gay community. It will now be part of my job to sort, promote and eventually advocate and aid research in these collections. These materials will not be handled with neutrality or caution (as would collections from other controversial groups). No, they will be promoted and anyone who finds them objectionable would be deemed backward. As a Christian, who has been with this organization for decades, I will likely have no recourse but to abandon my job/benefits/retirement because I have no rights and no support in the face of this employee sanctioned religious discrimination

  3. Genty:

    You know know more than I do about what's going on in the UK. But from what I've read about the insane policies occurring there, I gather that any Anglican clergy who spoke out would lose his/her livelihood (I use both pronouns because there are a few women clergy of the Evangelical wing who support traditional marriage), and any Catholic or Nonconformist clergy would be arrested and prosecuted, up to and including the Archbishop of Westminster.

    Dave P.

  4. Toby:

    I'm afraid you're right. The courts have decided that Some Animals are More Equal Than Others. And even if you fought it, and the ruling in your favor, you'd have a hard time getting it enforced. This is the one issue for which the Left would be willing to defy the courts, up to and including SCOTUS.

    Dave P.

  5. The difference between modern England and A Clockwork Orange is Alex's parents are married and have jobs.

  6. The government backed bullying and harassment continue. We are living in an age of sheer stupidity and lack of reason.


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