Dialogue With the Religion Of Pieces

News is the Pope Francis wrote to a Muslim leader in Egypt to express respect for Islam and calls for mutual understanding.

First off, this is not entirely accurate reporting. The article at Vatican Insider says Pope expressed respect for Islam but the substantiating quote of the Pope actually says respect for Muslims. “respect for people of every religion and the safeguarding of human dignity and the highest values described in the Quran and the Sunnah.” That is an important distinction and I am glad the Pope made it.

But such dialogue has its limits. See why I think so at the National Catholic Register.

As always, I appreciate your support over there.



  1. I'm sure the Coptic Christians in Egypt would like a little less interaction with Muslims. If their interaction goes any deeper they may just cease to exist.

  2. I realize politics and media are self serving and biased. But the cult of mohomed? Why would anyone promote such silliness?


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