Hilarious Hypocrisy from Abortion Escort

Caitlin Bancroft, an abortion escort, criticized pro-lifers in TheFrisky.com for their "self-righteous hate speech."

And then he proceeds to drop these loving words:

On my first day as a clinic escort, I was horrified by the cruel protestors...

I couldn’t understand how anyone could see a scared woman and feel the need to publicly shame her. Their behavior was appalling. Their humanity was questionable. But for the most of the morning...

I did not focus on the fear-mongering extremists...

The anti-choicers surrounded her like demonic soul suckers...

I put my body in between her and the determined zealots...

It seems to me that Caitlin isn't all that against self-righteous hate speech after all.



  1. Now now...it's only hate speech when other people do it.

  2. She could, in fact, be a champion of hate speech.

  3. perspective. Being surrounded and challenged by people associated with those that have killed (I.e. Dr. Tiller) is scary. Even a veteran like me would be cautious.

  4. Rover...you do realize abortionists make their living at something hitmen will not touch? You don't get to talk about "those that have killed".


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