I Love This Commercial

I love this. It is purported to be commercial mobile phone service in Thailand.

Really what it is, a lesson in Christianity for all of us.

Go and sin no more. What an act of mercy can acheive.

*subhead*Watch it.*subhead*


  1. Dear Patrick,

    I argued in my blog that if the Pope had chosen the message of the ad (giving is the best communication) instead of talking about conscience in his answer to one atheist, it would be much better and (theologically) correct. Giving, like Christ gave, is the answer to atheists reach heaven.

    My blog is written in Portuguese, use google translate to read it, if you wish:


    Best regards,
    Pedro Erik

  2. Wow, beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You should warn people before something that luminous, I need tissues.

  4. That was incredibly moving. Thanks Patrick.

  5. Lovely... brings to mind our Lord's words in Matt. 25:40 :)


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