Read Kermit Gosnell's Poem About Abortion

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy painted pictures and now it turns out that Kermit Gosnell is a poet, according to The Daily Caller. Here it is:

Abortion Providers
Are Labeled Killers!
Horrendous, Exploitive
Barbaric, Inhumane
Not Physicians, Oathed To Heal
Lest We Forget,
What Chance Have Those?
Those Without The Support
Of Their Parents
Their Families
Their Communities
Their Societies …
So Many
Without Sufficient Support
Stumble Into Drugs
Into Crime
Into Mental Illness
Into Institutions … And …
Languish in Jails …

This is a sad attempt at justification. What he's saying here doesn't take a whole lot of deconstruction. It's not exactly Coleridge. He's saying that if he didn't kindly abort those babies they would've just stumbled into drugs, crime and jail. So it was best that he just snipped their necks and stuffed them in a jar.

You can read more about his writings and interviews at The Daily Caller.



  1. I know something about poetry, and this screed isn't. Poetry is disciplined, and will in some way scan. These confused lines, apart from their ghastly content, would disgrace the tru-luv-4-evrs of a pimply adolescent.

    Pathetic on several levels.

  2. Creepy. End poverty by killing everyone. The way the economy is going, I hope the lower middle class is not considered poverty or were all dead.


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