Stephen Hawking Wants to Create an Afterlife

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says that currently the afterlife is "a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark."

But don't worry he thinks science can create one.

"I think the brain is like a program in the mind, which is like a computer," Hawking reportedly said last week. "So it's theoretically possible to copy the brain on to a computer and so provide a form of life after death."

Oh, he doesn't think that science can do it now but he thinks you should have FAITH that they can get it done.



  1. That sounds just like the TV series Caprica.


    The tiny little man
    In the tiny little chair
    With a great big mind
    Created who knows where

    He wrote a little book
    Called The Great Design
    Which means "to plan" out
    In a human being's mind

    But if there was no mind
    Or human being around
    Where came the law of gravity
    That keeps us near the ground

    Yes, he is of science
    Will interpret and apply
    "I think therefore...I AM"
    And Yahweh winks His eye!

  3. Yep. God is a fairy tale, but Cylons are real. This is the same guy that doesn't know deism from atheism or euthanasia from refusal of extraordinary medical care. Mathematical savant, otherwise just really arrogant about stuff he thinks he knows but really doesn't. ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα.

  4. Replies
    1. Stephen Hawking has left the library. Stephen Hawking has been saved.

  5. A case of someone so smart saying something so dumb.

  6. Folks, I can't add anything to this except applause. Well done, everyone!

  7. As an experimental scientist who works with a few theoreticians, I would like to offer an explanation. Theoreticians aren't inconvenienced by reality the way we are. And we scientists usually just use math to show repeat behavior and offer predictive power. So take the theoretical view for a moment where all is reduced to math. Gravity. Weak, strong, nuclear forces, etc. then imagine neural connections as being explained mathematically. Thought algorithms that might mimic a persons processes the way AI computers do. Expand this into a series of equations that may mimic a specific person. Then save that series of algorithms and we have a stored version of Stephen hawing or me or you. Easy to respond and react. But at the end of the day, it is NOT a person. It has no soul. It isn't human and it isn't an afterlife. It's something else. Maybe that's what satan wants a soulless life form based on humans. Anyway, just running with the whole scifi thread. Otherwise, I just figure the Hawk was at a medical marijuana rally.

  8. Taking the argument from Lewis that it is better to place technology and magic in the same categorical box, namely that of means man has to conform the universe to his desires, would it not be apt to compare what Hawking suggests to electronic necromancy?

    I'll just suggest people read CCC 2115-2117 and leave the readers to figure out the implications from there.


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