Texas Abortion Providers Sue to Stop Pro-Life Law

A gang of abortion providers including Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union all joined together and filed a federal lawsuit in an attempt to block portions of Texas’ pro-life laws from going into effect on October 29.

What a group, huh? I mean, it's almost like the start of a sick joke. An abortionist and the ACLU walk into a courtroom...

“The goal of this litigation is to protect access to safe and lawful abortions for women in Texas,” reportedly said the attorney representing the deadly group.

Oh, and makes us all some mad coin. He forgot to mention that part so I went ahead and put that right in for them.



  1. Nah, they want to protect the symbols. The abortion clinics that get shut down are just small (evil) businesses whose business will be taken over by large (evil) hospitals. Prices will rise, but they'll figure out how to make Obamacare pay for it, so the women asking for them won't pay a dime. It will become a revenue generator for the medical industry. Meanwhile, the so-called 'pro-life' politicians will claim they've done something awesome, while pointing to the clinics that are shut down. The pro-choice activists are really just angry about this symbolic victory. They hate us, while the corporate types just see us as useful idiots.

  2. Not that facts to these story plague the blog or the mainstream media, but are these lawsuits targeting the clinics to ensure they comply with medical and health codes? If so, then are these groups supporting "keeping abortion unsafe and legal?" Id be concerned about that if I were a woman.

  3. If anybody wants to bet that the black-robed high priests of abortion let any of this law take effect, then I'd like to make some mad coin by taking the other side of that bet.

    The game is always fixed, and we always lose.


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