This Is What Real Racism And Hate Looks Like

Wow. This is vile.

Mitt Romney's daughter adopted a baby and Mitt tweeted out a photo. The hate that ensues is the worst kind of vile.

Obviously, this is a wonderful day for the Romney family and that baby is adorable, adorable and black. Now see what followed.

This is what real hate and real racism looks like.

Check out Chicks On The Right for the story.



  1. Good grief, that's awful. That adorable little boy deserves to be loved and taken care of just like any child and it shouldn't matter what color the adoptive parents are or their financial standing if they are willing and able to open their arms and hearts to loving a child in need of a home and a family. Shame on these hateful people.

  2. They forgot the reason he's an adopted child . . . . .

  3. These comments from those tweets are very telling because of the racist talk they are using and all the talk about self hate is just bogus. It's a real shame because we just a month ago celebrated the anniversary of Martin Luther King and his I Have a Dream Speech. Maybe there could learn something.

  4. I'm against interracial adoptions, because I think adoptee's should be placed with those of the same racial-ethnic background. However, I'd never place this baby with these losers. The kid would probably grow up to be a black racist thug like them. Also these jerks need to start telling their fellow hoodrats to stop having babies out of wedlock, and to be married to the baby daddy or momma. That's why non-black adoptive parents are adopting these kids, to many black folks won't do what's right.


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