U.S. Diplomat Attributes Jesus' Words to JFK

This is just dopey but I think it's indicative of the deification of Democrat politicians. I think it also says something pretty damning about the biblical literacy of many of those in power in government.

World Magazine reports:
Joseph Torsella, a U.S. representative to the United Nations, on Thursday delivered a speech to the UN General Assembly commemorating the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s final speech to the UN. It was a routine statement, a speech honoring a speech.

But Torsella attributed something Jesus said to Kennedy.

He concluded his speech on Kennedy: “The very best way we can honor the extraordinary legacy of an extraordinary man is not to look back but to look ahead. To rededicate ourselves to his vision. To continue to answer his call in our time. To—as he said it better than any of us ever could—put our hands to the plow without looking back, and move the world to a just and lasting peace.”

Perhaps the first person to say that phrase said it better: Jesus, in Luke 9:62 (ESV), says, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”



  1. I've heard Kennedy called many things but never "God"...

  2. It's tough when we have children in authority. Breathtaking ignorance.

  3. I understand the tendency to think democrats ar deifying themselves. After all, atheists have scribbled over very thing Christendom has done to build the world and claims Christendom fought it but somehow they did it all. Its so perverse they think BCE and CE are unique to BC and AD. Their fools who thrive on revisionist history.

    But make no mistake, they couldn't do it if they truly supported education and depth of thought,philosophy, science and theology the way the Church and all the institutions it built used to do. It's ignorance that permits this. It's ignorance that will undoubtedly perpetuate the revisionist deception of the atheist, of the democrat. And what makes it work is the mind numbing uselessness of all of our other choices. And by that I mean one. Republicans are pathetic. Taking back the country and the world means abandoning these two crappy political rarities and their lies.


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