Winning the Culture Wars One Yawn at a Time

My two favorite quotes of the day. The first is from Vicki Saporta, head of the National Abortion Federation. “The anti-choice folks have gotten smarter. They’re no longer talking about overturning Roe, because there would be a huge backlash, she reportedly said. "But if you make abortion inaccessible in state after state, they are in fact achieving their goal while seeming reasonable, when they’re anything but.”

The second is from Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast. "The anti-abortion movement has been making epochal advances using regulations that are as tedious to read about as they are to describe," she said "In the abortion wars, boredom has become a powerful weapon."

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  1. There's a frittering degree of sincerity in those quotes. First, that they cannot be bothered and are bold with protecting women's healthy as the lobby for abortions to be performed by non MDs and aren't concerned about maintaining even the most basic health codes at the abortion "clinics". Second, that the anti abortion crowd has become more sophisticated and is no only going after an and to abortion, but accepting small victories along the way. The all or nothing mentality is gone from many in the pro life movement, but winning battles, such as protecting women's health, maybe ending optional abortions which are 98% and be less vocal about the ones in response to crime and developmental issues in the womb. Obviously, we fight for all life, but wars are won one battle at a time.


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