BBC Follows Mother Through Decision to Abort Gravely Ill Child

My heart breaks for this woman in this BBC report. I wish she would've made a different decision though. Her baby was diagnosed with anencephaly, which essentially is the absence of a brain or a skull. So she and the father of the baby have decided to abort.

Shockingly, she takes a radically materialist viewpoint saying that the baby is not an individual or even human because the baby isn't developing a brain. That scares me. But the way she does it, as if this were simply common sense, is what shocked me the most.

It's a weird thing to feel sympathy for this woman who is saying something I find so horrible. But I do. Her pain is real. It is her decision that I reject. The whole thing is just heartbreaking.

It reminds me of how radical the Church is, how countercultural, to teach that every life is sacred. We live in a dark time. Keep praying that the Church's light shines brighter.



  1. "The baby has no chance of survival" Yup, she made sure of that. This is heart breaking, but God chooses our beginning and our end. Now she will be a mother who gave permission for her child to be shredded rather than given a dignified end and burial. This is why it is so hard for her and her family.

  2. I wonder how certain they are about the supposed anencephaly - in utero diagnosis can be wrong. It's not rare to make a mistake

  3. So having a disability or deformity that will eventually cause your death means you can be killed? This whole exercise was pro-abortion propaganda - part of the campaign to have the general prohibition on the killing of a child in utero abolished in Northern Ireland.

  4. Seems to me the only to combat this tragic story is with something like this:

    This will blow you away. Tissue alert! You are going to need them. Beautiful love story.

  5. The video ends before the abortion. Have you heard of any follow up? I wonder if they went through with it. I googled it but didn't find anything. With no follow up, is it possible this was a phony case?

    Very, very sad. Tragic. So very wrong. I feel sorry for this couple for so many reasons. I hope they changed their mind or that one day they will repent. Prayers for them.

    1. I understand the child was cold-bloodedly killed. The whole thing was a big feature for the pro-abortion Media campaign to legalise such killing in Northern Ireland.


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