Chinese Family Heartbroken After Forced Abortion

This video is painful to watch. But at the same time I'm grateful to CBS News for producing it. It's a very real consequence of the one-child policy in China. From the heartache of the father, to the beautiful prayer murmured by the mother, to the coldblooded responses from a nurse at the hospital where the abortion was performed, this is just heartbreaking and scary.



  1. I've always felt that the seemingly cold-blooded responses of the medical and nursing personnel was due to a need to make the whole thing the "fault" of the couple, and distance oneself from identification with them.

    It might be the only way they can continue to do their job without going insane.

  2. I'm amazed they let the journalists out of the country with that film. Horrifying

  3. It's bad if it's government policy forcing women into this.
    It's ok if it's scrutiny, mockery, coercion or any form of manipulation because then it's a choice.

  4. What a terrible thing. Truly horrifying.

    What is interesting to me though, is that, when a child is wanted, he/she is called a "baby." When he/she is not..."it" is a "fetus" or even lower a "clump of cells," or even worse, a "parasite."

    My prayers to the family depicted here.


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