Hey, Atheists We Tried It Already, It Doesn't Work

Religion Dispatches published a story with some hippie type atheist called "UK Atheist Church Invasion."

The subhead promises that the atheist church promises "All the best bits of church, but with no religion, and super pop tunes."

Ha! We tried that already for like the past forty years. It doesn't work.



  1. Remind me - why do atheists want a 'church'?
    Why are atheists organizing?
    Why are atheists recruiting and prostelytizing?
    Why are atheiests establishing a set of values and beliefs?
    Why are they preaching those beliefs?

    Remember the familiar atheist adage of, 'atheism is a religion, the way not collecting stamps is a hobby. Sounds like they somehow made not collecting stamps a way to collect stamps. Confused? Yes.....atheism gets more and more confusing with each passing day. Thank you Dawkins for rallying all the fools together. ALl they need is a symbol for their non-hobby and non-belief that speaks of their desire to not organize into a set of non-beliefs.

    Oh fer crying out loud. I googled it...they have one. Looks like they tried to science it up. As a scientist, I have to laugh. Atheists - the ones who argued against the big bang because a priest came up with it, now lovingly embrace it. What else is new.

  2. These goofballs are like a walking illustration of Nietzsche's concept of the "English flathead" (yes I know Dawkins is a New Zealander but they put the Queen on the money, don't they?). An English flathead is a person who keeps the preachy, do-gooding, missionizing aspects of shallow Anglicanism, despite no longer believing in any of the theology that makes that make even the little sense it does.

    "They are rid of the Christian God and now believe all the more firmly that they must cling to Christian morality. That is an English consistency; we do not wish to hold it against little moralistic females à la [George] Eliot. In England one must rehabilitate oneself after every little emancipation from theology by showing in a veritably awe-inspiring manner what a moral fanatic one is. That is the penance they pay there.

    We others hold otherwise. When one gives up the Christian faith, one pulls the right to Christian morality out from under one's feet. This morality is by no means self-evident: this point has to be exhibited again and again, despite the English flatheads. ...

    When the English actually believe that they know "intuitively" what is good and evil, when they therefore suppose that they no longer require Christianity as the guarantee of morality, we merely witness the effects of the dominion of the Christian value judgment and an expression of the strength and depth of this dominion: such that the origin of English morality has been forgotten, such that the very conditional character of its right to existence is no longer felt. For the English, morality is not yet a problem."
    Twilight of the Idols, "Skirmishes of an Untimely Man", part 5.

    The fact of the matter is that nothing has value in an atheistic cosmos. Without some form of conceptual realism (which will ultimately have to grapple with To Hen, the One, which Christians call God—thus it either ceases to be atheist or deliberately ceases to be intelligent), all there is is arbitrary preferences of each individual, or of a society (which in an atheist cosmos is just a bunch of individuals ganging up to enforce shared, but no less arbitrary preferences), and absolutely no objective basis for picking one over another, nor for criticizing anything other than internal inconsistency.

  3. Ian Fleming, author of James Bond novels held that all law was the crystalization of prejudice. Without God all natural human rights depend upon the state. thomas Jefferson said: "The rights the state gives, the state can take away." leaving man without the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness, leaving man to be the property of the state.
    Well, I am not Miss New Jersey and I do not want to be, Then, the atheist denies my exercise of my God-given free will. Isn't this is called disenfranchisement, tyranny and despotism?


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