Obama: "C'mon Guys, I'm Going to Church."

Sometimes the media just nails something so well. It's likely unintentionally but whatever. Check this out from USA Today:
President Obama and his family attended Sunday services at St. John's Episcopal Church, which is across Lafayette Park from the White House.

It is a day for reflection, not politics.

When a pool reporter asked if the Obamacare website can be fixed by the end of November, Obama responded: "C'mon guys. I'm going to church."

During the service, seminarian Sarah Taylor offered prayers "for Barack, our president, the leaders of Congress, the Supreme Court, and all who are in authority, for Afghanistan, and the Middle East, for this community, the nation and the world."

After church, in the afternoon, Obama took a motorcade to Fort Belvoir, Va., for a round of golf.
Gotta' love that.

You've got to think that's a dig from the media, right? Now I'm not thinking they're turning on their precious president but it's nice to see them at least poke the emperor once in a while.



  1. W have seen this from at least the last three presidents. Probably more, but Clinton, bush and Obama have really just been arrogant self serving and generally vile people. The mindset that they are on top now and can indulge at the expense of us little people is a proud tradition we indulge our presidents. Obama and bush I think we're/are the worst. Whose the bigger fool. The corrupt leaders or the fools who put them there.

  2. Can you imagine the preacher calling the president by his first name? There is apparently no respect for the office he holds. Would she go on listing the others by their familiar names? Just the good-o-boy.

  3. You're really, really reaching with this one, guys. For real.

    Elm, just so you know: in the intercessions in the Book of Common Prayer, the President--and bishops--are prayed for by their first names.

  4. @elm: Can you imagine a priest calling the Holy Roman Emperor, Caesar of the West, King of the Romans and of the German Nation by his first name? Oh, wait, that's exactly what they did. Ditto the King of France, the Byzantine Emperor, the Russian Tsar...

    There is a reason they're called "Christian" names and bestowed either at baptism or confirmation. Those are the name God knows you by.


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