Parents Throw Rotten Kids In Jail

Thanksgiving is gonna be a little awkward this year.
Parents had their own teenage girls arrested earlier this month after returning home unannounced from a weekend break to find a raucous party underway at their house.

The couple, from Glastonbury, Connecticut, called the police when they found underage children drinking at their home.

The girls had thrown parties on the Friday and Saturday nights that their parents were out of town. They had tried to get a third event going when they were surprised.

Police said that many children ran from the house when officers arrived and that the parents did the 'right thing' by calling them to the scene.

Since the parents are potentially liable for this kind of thing, it covers them from a liability standpoint.

I dunno if I would call the cops on my kids.  Although I might send everyone home and then murder my kids.


  1. With great trepidation we are leaving our 16 year old home alone this weekend. Our oldest is at college and it is family weekend, but the 16 year old has a swim meet he can't miss.

    Fortunately for us, our neighbors 3 doors down have a boy 6 months younger than ours. They, too, went to visit their daughter at college and their boy threw a raucous party. There weren't any cops, but all the neighbors ratted out the boy to the parents. So when we were planning our little trip, our son listed off all the neighbors who would only be too glad to rat him out to us. I'm still worried, but I don't think there will be a big party at our house.

  2. Matt, I think your kids wouldn't do those things because they know they would be caught and you WOULD kill them.

  3. I would have no problem calling the police on my kids for doing something this colossally idiotic. A night in the town jail might do them some good. And they would be safe from me.

  4. My parents had 10 kids and never, NEVER left any high school aged kids alone overnight. Why the hell would you do that? If you really, really have to go somewhere, they can miss a swim meet. Or if they really, really can't, you can find someone for them to stay with. I would put parents in jail for being idiots. Unless you are Ma and Pa Wilder, don't leave your kids home alone.

  5. It's like giving your high school kids iphones. Why? Really - why?

  6. At that age they need an adult checking in on them at least twice a day! Anything less that that is idiotic.

  7. I'm also with Amy....a night, or even a few hours, in jail would give them a huge eye opener. A childhood friend of mine spent a few hours in jail over a missed court date for a traffic violation or underage drinking, something relatively minor. Those few hours set him straight. He finished college and now is an upstanding naval officer.


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