Restaurant Offers Unconsecrated Host on a Burger

A restaurant is offering a "Ghost" burger, which features an unconsecrated communion wafer. Jerks. What else can you say? Jerks.

I love when people do something like this and they act all shocked that some people are offended. The owner of the restaurant said he didn't mean it "as an attack on anyone's personal beliefs" and he didn't want to offend anyone.

Yeah, right.



  1. I admit, I'm not big on the whole multiculturalism, but it's happening and I think mine is the best. Catholicism is the only way to heaven,etc. but I certainly don't deliberately go out of my way to mock atheists by erecting builboards or advertise that atheists are intellectually lazy creatures. I don't put pictures of mohomed on signs with keep your girls away from this self-professed pedophile. Or Hindus saying three gods for every person. What a bargain! I just have a live and let live approach to that. I'm here to educate you if you have ears to hear.
    But to feign ignorance at deliberate actions just tells me this person isn't just a fool. He is also a coward.

  2. Call me crazy, but I dont see the big deal here. If anything I think it might remind folks what actually happens regarding transubstantiation. When I got me first communion as a kid, I remember Father letting me sit and munch away on the wafers... It was no big deal becuase its just unleavened wheat. The miracle accurs at the consecration, whereas before that its just a piece of wheat. Maybe the ruckuss from this is a good sign!


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