Sebelius Grilled, Whines, "Don't Do This To Me."

This is pretty funny. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is getting grilled over Obamacare and here she mutters a nearly silent plea, "Don't do this to me."

And here she gets grilled by Congressman Shimkus over taxpayer funded abortion. It's sad how she won't commit to giving an answer here. She says she thinks she can get that info. She'll try to get that info. But she won't be nailed down.

One interesting thing is that when Shimkus starts talking somebody says, "Oh here we go." I don't know who but I'm pretty sure it's a woman's voice.



  1. These Congressional hearings ought to be a wakeup call for everyone on how important the Abortion lobby is to our current administration. Abortionists generally do not accept insurance. They take cash and sometimes, credit cards. But under Sec. Sebelius (a 'devout' Roman Catholic) abortionists can now get reimbursed for their services under State Insurance systems. There is no charity care given in abortion clinics, the Obamacare law saves abortionists from having to work out payment plans and collections etc. for the poor women they are trying to abort out of existence.

  2. "Don't do this to me." Sounds like what we'vebeen saying about Obamacare...


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