The Pain of Abortion on Teen Mom

I don't watch this show Teen Mom but I receive an email from The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia and they recommended this preview clip that shows a young woman going through a really rough time one year after her abortion. It seems to me that her mother and sister aren't really helping by reiterating to her the reasons why she procured the abortion in the first place.

The episodes I've seen have done admirable work in highlighting the very difficult consequences of teen sex. But it also looks like they make it about the drama but that's probably expected. Kudos to Teen Mom for showing the difficulties this young woman is facing. I'm sure there's many young women out there who will see this and relate to that pain and finally understand that their pain doesn't make them strange.

It's very rare to see this pain dealt with in the media as its hushed up for fear of giving ammo to pro-lifers. So many young women suffer in silence.

The clip has some bleeped language so I'm warning you now.

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  1. "It will be fine, I promise," says the sister with her OWN toddler tumbling over her? How can that dear girl live with a baby in the house -- of course she's a wreck. And it's interesting that she associates all doctors with the death of her child, so she can't go to her appointments. On a deeper level, she's absolutely right, they have all compromised themselves by working side-by-side with death dealers. An amazing [honest] young woman.

  2. Somebody PLEASE get Briana some help. She needs to talk with someone who understands her pain and who can help her to to seek forgiveness and to forgive herself. My heart breaks for her.

  3. Right, "you'll be fine"....just ask those millions of moms and dads in this country who live with regret every single day of their lives. Taking the life of your child, the one who never breathed, lives with the parents forever. This is what those folks praying at the abortion mills, where 'medical persons" kill for money, hope to prevent if they can. Had this young woman changed her mind the day of her abortion, there would have been another beautiful child playing on that bed,


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