Theology Prof: "There is No One Catholic Position on Abortion."

This is awful. Just what we need - Nancy Pelosi logic from the theology department of a Catholic University. And people wonder why so many young people don't understand the faith. Wonder no more.

You can check out the story at Catholic Education Daily or Cardinal Newman's Facebook site.



  1. Oh, for heaven's sakes, go have some lunch, this is going on everywhere in the Catholic Church

  2. But it is NOT Ms. long skirts. The teaching of the Church is very clear. What sinners like us do is another matter.
    Imagine someone saying the law on pirating movies is unclear. No. Its clear. Its illegal. The fact many people do it, doesnt validate movie piracy.
    did you want a few thousand more examples or do you get the difference?

  3. And the story is what exactly? I spent a year studying theology for ministry at a Jesuit institute. I left after a year. The class was to prepare ministers for ministry in any denomination, including Catholic. I can assure you that not many people sitting in the lectures agreed with everything the Church teaches on these key issues. A deacon told me that the Church's stance on contraception was cruel and not binding on Catholics. I told him I would report him to his bishop. His response was that his bishop agreed with him, and the response of the class when he said it...laughter. This institution is in the process of being granted the right to award pontifical degrees. The Catholic Church is dying. Yes the gates of hell will not prevail...blah blah blah. What is actually being done to rectify this problem. Nothing. If the people who can do something do nothing, why should we care? Sorry to sound to bleak, but quite frankly I've all but given up. Francis gave me the final push. A post conciliar Jesuit on the throne of Peter...was it really going to work?

  4. Movie piracy's a poor choice of example, since so much of that is convention, not morals (plus there's so many gray areas, like things that are simply not available through a legal channel, e.g. foreign works that don't get licensed here—it's not like they're losing a sale, because they are not trying to make one in the first place).

    Slavery, being an immoral thing that many cultures permit, would be a better example. Or honor killing, or the exposure of infants practiced by the Greeks and Romans. Or the "right to cut down" enjoyed by the samurai in Japan, ethnic Manchurians in Qing dynasty China, and both landowners and Confucian scholars in Joseon Korea.

  5. @Archer Sterling: You are shortsighted; you have no idea how bad things have been.

    Did we stop caring when bishops (maybe including that of Rome, I'm not sure) married European nobles to their nieces (Anna of Austria and Philip II of Spain, for instance)? That is incest by every standard in the Western world, and incest is as intrinsic an evil as abortion.

    Did we stop caring when people were being excommunicated merely for advocating their homelands' independence from the Holy Roman Empire? We can discuss the scandalous political entanglements that entailed, also the penalty for rebellion against the Empire in the 18th century (red-hot iron crown and red-hot iron throne).

    Did we stop caring when not only did the King of France claim the right to appoint bishops, but he himself complained to the Pope about having to appoint atheists, because there were no believers in the French clergy? Here of course I shall mention that when Napoleon threatened to destroy the Church in France, during his negotiations with the Holy See, the papal legate replied, "If the hierarchy of France didn't pull it off, what chance do you have?"

    Did we stop caring when half the Church went Arian, or Iconoclast, or Nestorian, or was crushed beneath the heel of the Arab, Berber, and Turk? Please. How dare you! Tell the Maronites and the Chaldeans and the Copts (and the Bulgarians, Greeks, and both Serbs and Croats) that you think you have it hard, they could probably use a good laugh just now.

    You can posture as a doomed, noble, tragic figure all you like, but the fact is, the Church since Vatican II is in as good of shape as it was after the 19th Century revivals, where it recovered from the decadence of the absolute monarchies and the turbulence of the Liberal Republics.

    Besides, Francis has said precisely nothing unorthodox, so...what exactly is your point? Just get out, Old Catholic, and don't let the door hit ya where the Lord done split ya.

  6. Most so-called "Catholic theologians" do not actually teach or propose Catholic theology. They do not accept the Deposit of Faith. They follow relativistic, materialist ideologies and needless to say the moral theologians detest Veritatis Splendor, which doesn't feature on their class reading lists replete with Curran, Rahner, Flannery and a raft of disobedient theologians who pretend to be Catholic but oppose it on many fundamentals.

  7. Proteios1 said...

    " The teaching of the Church is very clear. What sinners like us do is another matter.
    Imagine someone saying the law on pirating movies is unclear. No. Its clear. Its illegal. The fact many people do it, doesnt validate movie piracy."

    And when found out they are prosecuted many pro-abortion Catholic politicians have been "prosecuted"/excommunicated? How many presidents of Catholic Colleges who promote the homosexual lifestyle, etc. are excommunicated? How many heretical speaking nuns are excommunicated?

    "you want a few thousand more examples"

  8. Pope Francis likes to talk so much, WHY doesn't he talk to these liberal dumb-ass "Catholic" colleges who speak in lies and spread heresy?

  9. @Archer Sterling, what are you doing to fix it? You should've contacted the head of the institute, written to the Bishop who allows the Jesuits to operate in his territory as well as the head of the Jesuits. Should their responses have been unsatisfactory, then to whatever office of the Vatican is in charge of formation. By merely complaining online about a problem that you have not seen fit to take action on, you're adding to the problem.

    Perhaps a Jesuit institute was not the proper place for your formation; I'm surprised that they'd be able to host an ecumenical institute for ministers of whatever. What was your objective in attending? Certainly not to become a priest or you'd have been in seminary.

    The problem is not Pope Francis, it is the lack of fidelity in those who claim to be Catholic, especially those who head Catholic schools of any kind but fail to require those working at said Catholic school to teach only that which is in keeping with Church teaching.

  10. @longskirt. Agreed. You could give me more examples of no action, no correction and no demands that the teachings of the Church be followed. And that's just from Catholics or Catholic entities. I submit that you win due to the myriad examples of the Magesterium of the Church not acting. Because we are losing numbers and losing strength. Because we are in a period of contraction maybe? But long skirt is right. No consequences. The church that should be guiding us isn't bothering with such details. It talks and then hopes all is well. Perhaps it's time to start forcing obedience under penalty of mirder and torture. Muslims do it and the poor souls forced to live under their twisted ideology seem to be just fine. Let's do that

  11. Proteios1 said:

    "Perhaps it's time to start forcing obedience under penalty of mirder and torture. Muslims do it and the poor souls forced to live under their twisted ideology seem to be just fine. Let's do that"

    No, that would be sinful. As Catholics we are to admonish the sinner if we truly love him. Where is the compassion for the souls of so many wayward Catholics by the Hierarchy? By admonishing, i.e. excommunicating for blatant heresy which is rampant in Holy Mother Church, the Hierachy would be helping these lost souls to hopefully repent so as not to go to Hell.

  12. Most "Catholic" theologians aren't worth spit. After the close of the Council, they decided they should be a separate Magisterium. (Error #1) And that they know better than the bishops (Error #2) or the actual Magisterium (Error #3).

    Three strikes and they're out.


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