Vandals Deface Christian Church, Etch "Smoke Meth, Hail Satan"

Christians showing up to Sunday services at a small Christian Church in Tennessee were horrified to find satanic messages, a cross turned upside down, '666' etched into a cross, ashes scattered on the floor, and the phrase "Smoke meth and hail Satan" etched into the altar, according to Christian News.

Just two weeks ago, three large statues were reportedly beheaded outside St. Mary's Catholic Church in New Jersey.

Who knows who these people are who did such a thing and who knows if they're actually Satanist or not. But it's terribly hateful and you know, Satan is smiling.



  1. I read somewhere that Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet. Something like 75% of all religious violence is against Christians. I don't know if this includes defacing or destroying property. I don't know if this includes preventing any adornment, like not permitting people to wear crosses, etcetera. So I'm a bit confused by the "narrative" that Christians are the persecutors, not the persecuted as facts would suggest.

  2. Don't say that toNotre Dame's Dr. Moss. She says the martyrs of our faith are exaggerated and fabricated.


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