Zero-Tolerance Nazis Strike Again

It seems almost every week we have a story about an irrational school district making an absurd decision based upon some ludicrous zero-tolerance policy.

This one takes the cake.

A young lady gets a call from a drunk friend at a party to drive her home. Worried about her friend, she goes to get her. This is a good, responsible, and kind young lady.

Result? The young lady loses her volleyball team captain-ship and is suspended for 5 games for being at a party where alcohol was served even though everyone, including the police, back up her story.




  1. That's liberalism for you. They are all mental midgets.

  2. Ooh, "volleyball" got taken away. How tragic.

  3. Connecticut Catholic Corner, did you vote in your last school board election? The electorate controls public schools, not some abstract called "liberalism." So about those midgets...

  4. Good grief... did a troll nest get built under the CMR bridge, or something?

    "akg41470": ...and your point is... what, exactly? That we shouldn't care about an injustice, so long as the punishment involves an activity that's not a concern of yours? Have some sense! One might as well have the same reaction if (God forbid) a vandal broke one of your windows; how would you react if someone were to roll his eyes and say, "Ooh, a 'window' was broken--how tragic! How will he ever survive?"

    Mack: you're making the rather illogical assumption that the electorate are all non-liberals... yes? If liberals elect liberal school boards, then you often get what we see here (or worse). Is that a bit more clear? How, exactly, does your comment reflect badly on Connecticut Catholic Corner, if he *did* vote in the last school board election? It's quite possible for a large number of liberals to have out-voted him; and if you think that entire school boards are all up for re-election at the same time, then you're not terribly familiar with school-board elections, yourself; usually, only a fraction of them are up for re-election at one time (save for a spectacular event, such as a recall election, etc.). Again: what's your point?

  5. No shortage of idiots in our society today.

  6. Those 'zero tolerance' policies aren't put into place because to help kids
    or to improve their education. The only purpose of 'zero tolerence' policies
    is to remove any responsibility for decision-making from the workload of
    people who were elected to, well, make decisions. With 'zero-tolerence'
    policies, these people make terrible decisions like the one in this article,
    but don't have to accept responsibility or face consequences. It's not
    about what's best for the students or their education, it's about what's best
    for bureaucrats in the school district.

    School Board elections matter.

  7. @akg41470: Yeah, something she probably invested hours of effort and discipline in, which may well constitute a genuine dream of excellence (and more concretely is a potential source of scholarship money) got taken away from a child, for something she is pretty much universally acknowledged not to have done. There's no tragedy there at all.

    Let me guess. You hate "jocks", and you're happy that a child is suffering, on the basis of, in essence, caste. Have I guessed your thought process right?

  8. Similar story happened to my oldest brother, actually. Another brother of mine was having a party that included alcohol while all the rest of us were on a trip to see my oldest brother wrestle. Well, the elder brother got home before the rest of us, and he was kicking people out and dumping the beer down the drain, and the cops came in. The cops actually acknowledged what my eldest brother was doing and didn't charge him with anything, but the school principle and wrestling coach decided to boot him from the team.

    Well, my Dad didn't take kindly to that. Let's just say the whole scenario ended with a very public apology from the principle and the coach, and they very publicly asked my brother to rejoin the team.

    Dad was a hard-you-know-what growing up, but how can I not love a man like that? :-)


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