Abortionist: Abortion Pill is Safer than Penicillin

Never mind all those bodies being snuck out of the back of abortion clinics everywhere. Never mind the women disappearing in China after forced abortions. Look elsewhere.

Abortionist Rebecca Gomperts who was a big-to-do with that whole Women on Waves thing, (the one that sailed around gaining more publicity for itself than actually performing abortions) said that the abortion pill is safer than penicillin. And she said in that same BBC interview that the abortion pill "is on the essential list of medicines by the World Health Organization." I don't doubt the second part of that for a moment. The WHO is completely politicized on reproductive matters.

The CDC reported that in 2008, 12 women were reported to have died as a result of complications from known legal induced abortions. Of course, that is a lowballed figure. But to be fair, hundreds die every year from an allergic reaction to penicillin and its other forms. So I'm pretty sure that's what she's basing her argument on.

That does of course leave out a few major points. Firstly, when she says the abortion pill is safer than penicillin? The first question is, for whom? Certainly not the unborn. Gomperts leaves the unborn out of the situation entirely.

Secondly, people take antibiotics because they're sick. Women who take the abortion pill are not sick. They're pregnant. There's a difference. Abortion is unnecessary. Look, if we stopped giving people anti-biotics many many people would die. If we stopped giving people abortion pills many many people would live. That's a big difference.

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  1. Drug safety doesn't include allergic reactions. Neither does food safety. Peanuts are not a toxic plant, no matter how many people die from exposure to them.

    The abortion pill causes miscarriages, which is itself a criterion in assessing the toxicity of a drug. If some decadent future society had a fad for blindness, and people deliberately induced it, that wouldn't magically make "causes blindness" not a dangerous side-effect.

  2. WHO ranks oral contraceptives as a group 1 carcinogen.

  3. There are obviously two sides of the matter. The pro-abortion and the anti abortion. Perhaps we should read more to learn more so that we can comment appropriately.



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