AP Labels Pro-Traditional Marriage Group "Anti-Gay"

So now it's anti-gay to be in favor of traditional marriage? I know that's what those in favor of same-sex marriage say but for the Associated Press to adopt this terminology?

The AP seriously went with this headline:
Sen. Rubio tells anti-gay group fight for morality needs to be part of debate in government
The truth is that Rubio was the keynote speaker at the Florida Family Policy Council's fundraising dinner Saturday night. Now, I don't know everything about the Florida Family Policy Council but something tells me they're not exactly Westboro Baptist Church.

It's a funny way that the AP labels, isn't it? We're not pro-life. We're anti-abortion. We're not pro-traditional marriage, we're anti-gay. We're not worried about the future of our country, we're anti-Obama racists.

I wonder if the AP would be willing to say that two years ago Obama was anti-gay because he espoused the same exact position as Rubio up until two years ago. Yeah, probably not.



  1. Read their website and search fort the word "gay." They are pretty anti-gay by any objective standard.

    Also, "Pro-traditional marriage" and "pro-gay marriage" aren't polar opposites. Most people who want gay marriage do so because they think marriage is a good thing. For straight people too.

  2. Geez, I don't go to gay websites and search for the word "Christian". Too much time on your hands Pat?

  3. David, why attack me? The blogger said "I don't know everything about the Florida Family Policy Council but..."

    My point is merely that a one word web search answers the question he's asking.

    Now do you have something to contribute to the matter, or are you just constipated today?

  4. I guess "by any objective standard" can be pretty subjective. I went to their website, searched for the word "gay"......didn't appear "anti-gay" to me.
    Sorry, but yes, "Pro-traditional marriage" and "pro-gay marriage" ARE polar opposites.

  5. While it may endorse "traditional marriage", it does not provide material on how to affirm people who are gay, in the sense of attraction not behavior like the Church. It advocates against same-sex marriage solely and does not care about the people at all. While I support same-sex marriage and respect others who disagree, the fact that this organization does not provide information on how to treat LGBT individuals leads suspicion about their purpose. Additionally, they greatly supported the BSA from maintaining their stance on banning openly gay boys from the group. Even the Church should've opposed such a stance. Banning someone from the group because they opened up and accepted a part of themselves (accepting having the attraction, not necessarily endorsing the behavior) is not showing compassion at all for that person, and is in fact anti-gay.

  6. Robert, I support and encourage your marriage to your sweetheart, Jim, while I also support and encourage your brother Bill's marriage to his sweetheart, Betty.

    That makes me both pro-gay marriage and pro-traditional marriage.

    1. That makes you ignorant of what marriage is.

  7. Lynda, neither of your 2 comments advance the discussion.

  8. On the contrary: Lynda, I was going to ask the same question. "What does "gay" mean?" Yes, Lynda, Marriage is the consummation of the marital act. "Gay" means too ignorant to acknowledge one's partner's immortal soul and the loss of his soul through prevarication, affiliation with the evil one who is the Father of Lies. "Husbands" and "wives" are an office to which men and women are called by God's vocation to the Holy State of Matrimony. Without a vocation to be "husband" and "wife", gays are spinning their wheels in the sand, boring each other to death.

  9. Mary De Voe, grow up. This is a Catholic Blog, why don't you show respect. Apparently to you, all gay people are evil. But not all gay people are going to be in same-sex relationships/marriages. So being gay does not mean that one is affiliated with the devil. The Church doesn't even teach that. Why don't you contribute something meaningful to the discussion and not some random unintelligent rant.


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