Election Day Is...

That special day of the year when what little hope you had that this country can save itself is mercilessly dashed upon the hard rocks of reality.

The fact that McCauliffe won in Virginia is a national embarrassment and confirmation that the governmental dependency of northern Virgina had infected the whole state and the cancer has now metastasized.

The big idiot in New Jersey won by such a comfortable margin that all the same pundit/losers who forced McCain and Romney on the dipstick Republican party will do the same with Christie. Lord, spare us please.

Today was the first time in my life in which I did not vote Republican. I said I was done with that party and I meant it.

As a rule, I voted against any proposition that spends money. Don't care how great it sounds, NO.

I know a guy who says that politics is much easier to deal with when you come to terms with the fact that this country, as we knew it, is done. Has been for a long time and it is not coming back. He says love God, your wife, your kids, and your neighbor. And stock up on ammo.

Sometimes I think he is on to something.

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  1. "Today was the first time in my life in which I did not vote Republican. "
    Not smart, by not voting Republican, that's a de facto vote for the extremist Party of Death (Democrats). Although squishy Republicans can make us angry, is it better to throw your vote away and give it to a Democrat? See the siphoned votes in Virginia that went to the "Independent" - It just so happens that Democrat Money (including Planned Parenthood money) went to the Third Pary Candidate and statements about not voting Republican is EXACTLY what they want

  2. Oh, I'm sick of all the "if you don't vote for a Republican you have supported evil" talk. Judge not, etc. I will say that this election was the first one I voted in, in which I had to very seriously apply the principle "if there are no candidates who I can vote for, what do I do?"


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