I am the Bad Thief

I am the bad thief. Sometimes I am all demands and protestations. Sometimes I say “No.”

On Calvary next to Christ, he cursed his fate. The bad thief found himself near Christ who was right there alongside him, suffering. But instead of asking Christ for forgiveness he made demands of God. He said, "If you are the Christ, save yourself and us with you."

In our worst moments, in our most desperate hours, how often have we re-created that desperate impertinence? How often have we rejected our cross?

The thief was a desperate man, so desperate that he attempted to command God. He felt failed by everyone, including God. He was angry at his fate which has brought him to that hill. In despair, he blamed Jesus. He demanded that Jesus, if he is truly God, prove it and save him. He does not accept God’s will, he wants his will to be done.

He is truly a pitiable character. And unfortunately I see him in myself.

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  1. "Is it I, Lord?" They all asked. They asked because they weren't sure of themselves, - just like this post. But the Lord answered them. He said, "It is he who dips into the dish with me." In other words, at dinner one bowl of sauce was set out and each person took a piece of bread and would dip into the sauce. Only those who revered Jesus as Lord allowed Him the honor of dipping as King. How rude it would be to step on the subway ahead of the Queen of England? How much more so to dip into the sauce at the same time as the Lord. That's Judas. He who does not recognize or accept the MAJESTY of Jesus is the traitor.


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