Joe Biden Calls Wrong # To Congratulate Mayor. We've Got the Audio

Joe Biden attempted to call Mayor Marty Walsh who just got elected. Instead he called two random people. The second sent poor ol' Joe to voicemail so we've got the audio. Now this can happen to anyone but I'd just bet these kinds of things happen to Joe Biden a lot more than they happen to others.

Weird thing - Joe Biden actually says "Holler man." What grown adult says that?



  1. In Texas we tell people to give us a holler all the time. Is this not normal? Lol

  2. Everyone makes mistakes...and in today's culture, every mistake is broadcast to the world. It's no wonder I've heard a good priest talk about how unforgiving this culture is. I don't like Joe Biden either, for his politics and for the things he does that go against Church teaching while claiming himself to be a "faithful Catholic". But, that doesn't mean we have to further our culture's unforgiving nature by sharing these things.


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