Must Watch Video for Moms

How you think you're doing as a Mom may not be how you're doing. In this pretty darn moving video you've got a group of mothers speak about how they think they are doing as moms. In short, they're all very negative about how they're doing. But then it's the kids' turn. And you not only get to see the kids but you get the moms' reactions as well. It's pretty moving.

HT Sherry



  1. It's a bit skewed. They obviously asked the mothers about their skill at being a parent whereas they asked the child what they thought about their mom. It's two different types of questions. If the mothers had been asked what they thought of their child, you would see a much different answer.

  2. I don't think it's skewed at all. I think the point of the video is that the women tend to dwell on the negative things about mothering, and the kids think about the good things about their mom. Kids don't remember what their mothers do, but who they are.

  3. There's GOT to be a parody on this out there somewhere - for Father's Day.

    Dad: "What's to know? My kids think I'm cool!"

    Kid: "My dad is grumpy and paying bills all the time."



  4. That was just what I needed today. Thanks. I know I am not the best mom but I also know my kids love me, it is good to be reminded that I need to not get tripped up on the bad and just keep going.


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