My Obamacare Schadenfreude

I am a bad person and I need to go to confession. The only problem, I am worried that when I confess this particular sin I might lead the priest to error if he laughs too!!

I was pulling into a gas station behind another car. A Mercedes C Class. This is a frequent sight where I live because the road by my house is the main road to/from the Hamptons, home to white rich liberals. This particular luxury vehicle was driven by older white liberals.

Anyway, right there on the bumper of the that luxury vehicle is a bumper sticker that says "I Obamacare."  I suppose that all the "Let them eat cake" bumper stickers were sold out.

I am quite sure that the drivers of that $60k vehicle felt like they were champions of the downtrodden when they affixed that little sticker.

When I saw the sticker, I mumbled to myself, "Thanks alot pal."

A spot opened up at the pumps but the Mercedes was facing the wrong way for the pump.  So he decided to back in.  What happened next was the most painful 17 point turn I have ever witnessed.  He just couldn't figure out the angles.

After the 17th point, he clearly got frustrated and decided he was backing in no matter the angle.

And so he did.  But the angle was all wrong.  He was headed right for the big metal barriers that protect the pumps from people who make 17 point turns.

But since he was a liberal, it didn't matter that he was ill-equipped and unprepared to conduct the maneuver he was attempting, it was only the intent that matters.

He kept backing up until .... "Crunch!!"

He backed his car right into the barrier and put a dent on his $60k car right on his Obamacare bumper sticker!!

He got out and stared at the bumper, perplexed that reality did not conform to his intentions.

I sat in my car laughing my head off.

Then I thought, "I am a bad person."

Then I laughed some more.

If I tell this to a priest, there is a good chance he will laugh too.

I don't know what to do.  Oh well, I will figure it out after I stop laughing.

*subhead*I'm a bad person.*subhead*


  1. If you're not allowed to laugh at idiots getting hoist on their own petard, when they don't get particularly hurt, then there goes roughly 9/10 of all comedy.

  2. It's certainly a great chance to see this person's bumbling as a mirror of the many ways you might also be merely bumbling through life. To laugh at him is one option. You might want to go and confess the sin of failure to use the opportunity for self-reflection that God has clearly provided you. I'm guessing any good priest will acknowledge the solemness of that.

  3. Your experience is no isolated incident. It's been observed and commented on already...

  4. Pat, don't feel soooo guilty. Have a good laugh, it releases all your anger and frustration about this Obama crap. And these libtards want it soooo bad, be happy for them. They wanted it, and they're getting it.

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