Obama Omits "God" from Gettysburg Address

This is unbelievable. By unbelievable I mean absolutely predictable and not surprising at all. But still kinda' horrifying when one truly grasps the sickness that motivates the leader of the free world.

Here's President Obama was asked to read the Gettysburg Address. All the living presidents as well as many others were doing the same thing and Ken Burns, the documentarian, was going to mash them all up together. But here's the one Obama taped. In his recitation, Obama omits the words "under God."

This is interesting in that Obama has regularly removed mentions of God from our country's founding documents.

Some may argue that earlier drafts of the Address didn't contain the words "Under God" but that's just blather because later drafts did so it doesn't matter what earlier drafts stated. And when asked to give a copy of what he said at Gettysburg, Lincoln wrote it down with the words "under God." The words "under God" are on the Lincoln Memorial as well.

But Obama deleted them. Is it any surprise that the president who has done more to narrow the understanding of religious freedom in this country seemingly seeks to excise God from our founding documents?

Even Senator Chuck Schumer keeps God in the address.

CBS's Bob Schieffer even says it correctly.

I would say there's an absolutely zero percent chance that Obama redacting God was a mistake but seeing how bad they're messing up a website, the economy, foreign relations, security, and pretty much everything else I'm willing to accept that perhaps there's a .00001 chance that this was a mess up.



  1. Ummm...it has reached the point where I rather wonder if it was because he couldn't say "Under Allah."

  2. "Earlier drafts"? Earlier drafts of Star Wars had Luke's surname as "Starkiller". In early drafts of Star Trek Spock was half-Martian and had the personality of a (TNG) Klingon—the emotionless first officer was a human woman.

    Early drafts count for precisely squat.

  3. All men are created equal except those who are aborted without acknowledgement of their human soul and their free will to live. Obama's czar of information, Cass Sunstein has written many, about 30 books, about granting legalized personhood to animals. It is a power grab to own all of our beef steaks and pork chops as is Obamacare a power grab to own all human beings as creations who have no souls, or if persons have souls, their souls are not to be acknowledged. Atheism refuses to the atheist the acknowledgement of the human being's rational, immortal soul. Obama just denied heaven to all American citizens. American citizenship under Obama excludes the destiny of the eternal life to mortal man. The pursuit of Happiness inscribed into the Declaration of Independence is the freedom to pursue our destiny in eternal life, now. forbidden and later prevented by Obama..."or prohibit the free exercise thereof." is the next to be eradicated from free speech to God in the Frist Amendment.Obama makes animals of citizens and gods of the power grabbers.

  4. I am embarrassed. The puerile look of Obama is embarrassing.

  5. I wonder if he didn't know about it and was as suprised as everyone else when the story appeared in the news.

  6. I wonder if he didn't know about it and was as suprised as everyone else when the story appeared in the news.

  7. Aww, did Obama hurt your poor widdwe feewings by not mentioning an imaginary entity that has nothing to do with how this country is run anyway?

  8. Obama’s only “god” is himself; I am not and will not be offended nor will my "feewings" be "hurt" if he never mentions God in any expression of his own design. However, when quoting another person (even a gross demagogue like Lincoln) any person with integrity is obliged to quote them correctly.

  9. akg41470: People's belief in a higher power and living according to some sort of moral code has everything to do with how this country runs. The founders knew it and drafted the Constitution with the assumption that people will follow some set of common moral guidelines. Many of the founder's letters and essays show quite clearly that without religion in the "city square" democracy does not happen. Society breaks down and the only way to keep it functional is by placing more laws and regulating every aspect of people's lives because you can no longer assume people will act civilly. In other words, the government has to control the populace which is terrany, not democracy.

    Now is Obama omitting God from the Gettysburg address the end of civilization? No, of course not. But it does reinforce a pattern with his administration that he is disregarding a critical pillar of what has made the USA such a successful experiment in democracy for the past two centuries.

  10. FGA - as you well know, other versions of that speech never had that bit in there. Obviously it is not important.

    Brent - I don't think "moral code" means what you think it means. It certainly does not mean "higher power". If god has been so important to the country, name where it's mentioned in the founding documents. And please... "letters and essays show that without religion in the 'city square' democracy does not happen"? Citation please. Also, "terrany".


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