Owner of Abortion Clinic: "God Wants Me To Do This."

Sickening. Just sickening.

Christian News reports:
The owner of the last remaining abortion facility in Mississippi told reporters last week that she believes God wants her to be a part of the abortion industry.

“I feel like God wants me to do this job,” Diane Derzis, owner of Jackson Women’s Organization, told the Associated Press in a report published on Saturday.

Derzis operates several abortion facilities in the south, including one in Columbus, Georgia and Richmond, Virginia. She also owned New Women, All Women in Birmingham, Alabama until the facility was ordered closed this past August by a federal judge.

“I thank God every day I had that abortion,” she told reporters, noting that she herself had an abortion as a newlywed because she did not want to have any children. “It was not a great experience, but you know what? I had a safe abortion. And that’s what counts.”



  1. The sovereign person's will to live is the state's guaranteed Right to Life. As far as rape and incest go, the state cannot put to death an innocent person for the crimes of his parents. If one or two men were severely punished, like canning, there would be a lot less.
    The Constitution was inscribed and tells us that its purpose is to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) posterity;" George Washington's posterity, all unborn children. from the Preamble, the unchangeable intent of the U.S. Constitution. Sarah Weddington never proved that the newly conceived was not a human being with a human rational, immortal soul. All men are created equal.
    God ended human sacrifice with Abraham and Isaac. The devil is a murderer and the Great Liar. There are no vocations to hell.

  2. She has mistaken Satan for God. She is doing Satan's work.

  3. so much for that abortion being "safe": After over 2 decades of forced abortions in China, researchers found that China's breast cancer rate went from one of the lowest in the world to one of the highest...

    The researchers reached their conclusions after examining 36 studies that investigated the associations between abortion and breast cancer.

    The overall risk of developing breast cancer among women having only one abortion increased by 44 percent.

    Calling it the “dose-response relationship” researchers also found that the risk of breast cancer increased as the number of abortions increased. Two abortions increased the risk by 76 percent, three by 89 percent.


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