Reason #1 Why My Kids Are Not On Social Media

Jack Vale explains it all. When you over-share, no telling who is watching.

*subhead*Not cool.*subhead*


  1. #2 reason: you'd rather not have your children interface with reality, as it might challenge their insular religious beliefs.

  2. I don't know why my comment didn't post, but I liked this video.

    The guy at the end was just embarrassed and angry that Vale had pointed out his oversharing. Vale didn't invade his privacy... he just pointed out that the guy had opened the front door to his life and welcomed everyone and anyone to walk right on in without ever once giving it a second thought.

    It's not Vale's fault the dude posted to FB / Twitter / Instagram.

    This is a good lesson for most people. It's why all of my settings are private.


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